Austin Dock Equipment Service

When you’re in need of a reliable and professional Austin dock equipment service, Johnson Equipment is the name to know around Texas. Family-owned and operated since 1959, our team is on the cutting edge of loading dock equipment, and provides an unprecedented level of quality service.

From Austin dock equipment repair to energy and safety audits, Johnson Equipment is the reliable resource for maximizing the efficiency, functionality and safety of your facility’s loading docks.

Our dock equipment service in Austin TX offers clients a variety of benefits:

  • Added safety: Even one miscommunication or malfunction on a loading dock can lead to serious injury or death. Our Austin dock equipment service provides added security to help prevent costly accidents for our clients. Why take a gamble?

  • Increased productivity: When your transitions are flowing seamlessly, that means less idle time for your employees. Loading on and off becomes a breeze with our solutions, which helps productivity go up.

  • Other savings: We offer superb dock equipment repair in Austin TX to help you save on energy costs and even help control the climate in your facility.

  • Security: Fully secured dock equipment and high speed doors keep unwanted things where they belong — outside. Our wide variety of products help secure facilities of all types and security is our priority.
Austin dock equipment repair when you need it

It’s one thing to find professionals who can install dock equipment for you, but you also need a company that will be available to make necessary repairs or perform regular maintenance work. Johnson Equipment does both — and even more.

With our Austin dock equipment services, you can be sure that help is available 24/7. Plus, we are always ready to perform essential maintenance — including our Five State Planned Maintenance Program that keeps your facility moving along in an efficient manner every day.