Dallas High Speed Doors

Technology in the world of Dallas high speed doors is changing. No longer is there a need for multiple mechanical parts, pulleys, safety edges or wireless transmitters that are well known for being unreliable. Johnson Equipment offers the latest high speed doors in Dallas, TX that will maximize the efficiency of your company and save you money in the long run.

Types of doors

We offer a few different types of Dallas high speed doors, all of which surpass the quality of their clunky predecessors. These include:

  • FasTrak High Speed: Through the use of a single operational platform, these doors eliminate the need for the maintenance of multiple door models in one facility. Simplicity is always the first step to efficiency, and these doors are high-quality, meaning fewer maintenance issues for you.

  • FasTrak Clean High Speed: This simple yet efficient door can be used in multiple settings and is specifically designed for clean and sterile environments. This means it can take the place of your existing Dallas cooler doors very easily.

  • SplitSecond High Speed Bi-Rolling: When we say we offer the BEST high speed doors in Dallas, TX, we aren’t kidding. These doors open and shut quickly to meet the needs of any busy business, factory or warehouse setting.

  • TrakLine Plus High Speed Fold: When “average” just won’t cut it, this giant door is perfect for any facility in need of a high speed door that can withstand whatever nature has to offer.

In a bustling industry, there is no time to wait on slow doors or mechanical breakdowns. More parts equals more opportunity for breakdowns. For the most efficient Dallas high speed doors on the market, give us a call to consult with our experienced staff.