Fort Worth Dock Equipment Service

If your Fort Worth dock equipment service provider is not proactive, then you may face a number of future problems. Yes, it is important to select and install quality loading dock equipment, but without proper maintenance, even the highest-level equipment will eventually break down.

This is where Johnson Equipment can be such an asset. We offer Fort Worth dock equipment repair and maintenance that focuses on preventative measures. Our Five Star Planned Maintenance Program is one of the most cost efficient ways to tend to your equipment. This five-step process handles all important maintenance tasks from adjustments to lubricating and inspection to insure security and safety.

Looking for dock equipment service in Fort Worth TX?

Johnson Equipment has been a fixture in this industry since we opened our doors in 1959. We have technicians, sales reps and customer service specialists who will work with you and help you to achieve your goals. This includes:

  • Shopping for, and demonstrating equipment
  • Finding the right solutions for your facility
  • Installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Identifying proactive measures to keep your equipment working well

With the help of our Fort Worth dock equipment service, your business can create a loading dock that facilitates quick and efficient transitions — a must have or solid productivity.

And, with 24/7 dock equipment repair in Fort Worth TX, we protect your productivity level even more. Our staff will address your emergency issues within 24 hours. Call us at 877-376-7706 no matter the time - day or night.

The powers of prevention

With regular maintenance from our staff, the need for emergency Fort Worth dock equipment repair is minimized. Our technicians are able to accurately diagnose mechanical issues and identify worn or broken parts. We find ways for you to make your equipment more efficient and productive. Our factory-trained and OSHA-trained technicians address issues that are hydraulic, mechanical or electrical in nature.

You can count on our Fort Worth dock equipment service for all of your loading dock needs. We will change the way you load in and out of your factory — all for the better.