Houston Dock Leveler Service

When hiring a Houston dock leveler service, it’s about more than just convenience — the right equipment service could potentially spare an employee from a serious injury or even death. At Johnson Equipment, our team works with businesses in all industries to make sure their transitions from trailer to factory floor remain safe and efficient.

We offer Houston dock leveler repair, installation and maintenance. We don’t just repair the problem either; we trace the root of the problem and provide suggestions on how you can avoid such issues in the future. Our 150 technicians company-wide provide the knowledge you need to make informed decisions that will impact your business.

As a leading provider of dock leveler service in Houston TX, we know the potential hazards that can cause bodily harm or damage equipment. That’s why our repair and maintenance program technicians work so hard to remedy these situations.

  • Unscheduled departures: A little miscommunication could lead the truck and trailer to pull away from the dock prematurely. With our Rite-Hite Dok-Lok system, the trailer is secured to the dock to avoid this situation.

  • Trailer drop: Our Houston dock leveler service is often used to address trailer drop, which can take its toll on the forklift and the operator of it.

  • Dock shock: This is also a result of trailer drop. Johnson Equipment offers a Smooth Transition Dok System to create a smooth ride, and we offer dock leveler repair in Houston TX on all products we install.

Our experienced team would love to discuss in detail how to fix these issues for you when they come up and how to promote increased productivity and safety.

Johnson Equipment also offers 24/7 Houston dock leveler repair, so you will never have to wait through long periods of downtime. Our factory workers and OSHA-trained technicians are quick and efficient, ready to be dispatched from our Houston warehouse when you need them most.

Our Houston dock leveler service can be the key to increased safety in the workplace. Through thorough maintenance and prompt repairs, we will keep your leveler safe.