Houston High Speed Doors

Johnson Equipment is a trusted resource for information on Houston high speed doors that are installed in factories and facilities around the country. Not only can we answer your many questions about this topic, but our staff provides quality installation, maintenance and repair work.

Offering FasTrax high speed doors in Houston TX

Our extensive catalogue of FasTrax doors, along with products by similar manufacturers, can help meet any challenges your facility presents. This top-of-the-line equipment, paired with our extensive knowledge, will help maximize productivity in your factory.

FasTrax doors are unique for a variety of reasons:

Moving at around 100 inches per second, these are the fastest Houston high speed doors currently available.

These products are impact-able, allowing them to absorb contact and pressure without damage.

These high speed doors in Houston, TX can be customized to meet even non-traditional spaces.

Offering Houston cooler doors service

Most freezers or other climate-controlled areas feature an inefficient opening. This often comes in the form of air curtains or other inferior products. This is a waste of energy and, of course, puts your product in jeopardy. In addition, the temperature difference can create moisture on floors, which becomes a slipping hazard.

Johnson Equipment offers Houston freezer doors that remedy all of these situations. FasTrax high speed freezer doors not only move quickly, but they are built with a thermal air seal that eliminates the build up of frost.

There is a reason why these doors are considered the industry-leader. Installing these doors, and properly maintaining them, can help your business save money in the form of increased productivity, controlling energy costs, protecting the health of employees and more.

At Johnson Equipment, Houston high speed doors are our specialty. Let us put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.