Houston Overhead Door Service

Johnson Equipment’s Houston overhead door service takes care of your facility’s needs. We boast an experienced and dedicated staff who possess an extensive knowledge in the world of overhead and loading dock doors.

Breakdowns will cause you to halt production, inefficient doors will drain your energy and malfunctioning doors could even cause employee injury. With our overhead door service in Houston, TX, we repair and maintain commercial overheads doors to help spare you all of these subtle, but crushing, expenses.

Covering all of your overhead door repair needs

Our services cover your needs from beginning to end. We form relationships with our clients so they know who to call when they require help — even if it is very last minute.

  • Installation: Johnson Equipment helps you decide which overhead door solutions will work best with your facility. We can even show you demos of our products so you know how they work. Once you decide, we will install these products at an affordable rate.

  • Maintenance: These doors require regular maintenance, just like any other piece of equipment. Through our overhead door service in Houston, TX, Johnson Equipment will take care of all these crucial tasks to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Repair: If a problem were to crop up, our Houston commercial door repair service is available 24 hours, every day. A quick response ensures that you will not have to suffer through days or weeks of downtime. We strive to respond to emergency situations within 24 hours.

Hailed for the close, personal attention that we devote to each of our clients, it’s clear to see that Johnson Equipment is a family-owned and operated company that has a passion for serving businesses of all industries.

We have an dedicated staff who can show you how our Houston overhead door service can be an asset for you. Contact us today!