Jackson Dock Leveler Service Repair

Dock levelers are a very important part to your operation and Johnson Equipment understands the need for quick and dependable Jackson dock leveler service. Our dock leveler service department is staffed with knowledgeable people who take customer service very seriously and our team consists of over 150 service technicians company wide.

Our fully stocked service trucks ensure that each Jackson dock leveler repair job is done right and on time.

Dock leveler repairs

When a dock leveler goes down and is in need of service, it can be costly to your operation and can prove to be unsafe. Johnson Equipment understands this and will respond within 24 hours of your request, or the same day, if it is an emergency.

A factory-trained technician and fully stocked Jackson dock leveler service truck will be dispatched from our Jackson warehouse and arrive at a scheduled date and time. Our technicians understand safety and are trained by OSHA to follow specific guidelines.

Johnson Equipment’s Jackson dock leveler repair technicians are trained to not only repair the problem, but to also identify the root of it and will work with a customer service representative to prevent it in the future.

Dock leveler planned maintenance program

Dock levelers make loading and unloading safe. But when a dock leveler is not properly maintained, it can pose as a serious hazard. Our dock leveler service in Jackson AR can fix that for you.

Hold-down assemblies on dock levelers can become worn over time and begin to slip. This can cause the dock levelers to pop up while a forklift driver is in the back of the truck. If the springs are not properly balanced, the lip may not kick out, resulting in dock attendants attempting to pull the lip out by hand and creating a hazard.

These, and several other working dangers, are present when the dock leveler is not serviced according to manufacturer recommendations. With our dock leveler repair in Jackson AR, we offer a Five Star Planned Maintenance Program to properly maintain your leveler at all times.

With our Jackson dock leveler service, you are able to preserve the safety of your employees and protect your company’s bottom line every day.