Jackson High Speed Door Service Repair

Standard, rigid overhead doors are slow and can have a high cost of ownership if required to operate more than a few times per hour, which is something you can remedy with our Jackson high speed door service.

For high traffic openings that need to be sealed off as much as possible, look to Johnson Equipment for the very best in Jackson high speed door repair and service.

High speed door products

Johnson Equipment has partnered with elite manufacturers of high speed doors for over 30 years, allowing us to provide cutting edge technology that minimizes cost of ownership and maximizes productivity.

We sell and install various models for leading manufacturers such as Rite Hite and ASI, giving Johnson Equipment versatility in our high speed door service in Jackson, TN.

Fortune 500 companies have been seeking out our innovative Jackson high speed door service to minimize maintenance and maximize performance. Allow us to introduce you to the latest high speed door technology in the Jackson area. Call us today!

High speed door design

A local Jackson high speed door repair and service expert is available to survey your application and study your operation today. With years of experience, our experts ensure the correct high speed door system is proposed to you.

You’ll receive a complete return on investment report, high speed door activation options and professional installation options. Our high speed door designs will please those in safety, quality and control, EHS and maintenance. Allow us to design a system for you.

High speed door trial units and warranty

We are pleased to offer a hassle-free trial unit program. Allow us to install a high speed door in your facility at no charge. At the end of the trial period, you can decide whether or not to keep the door. If you are not satisfied, we will remove the door and there is no charge.

If you decide to keep the high speed door, pay us for the door and we will extend the best warranty in the industry, ensuring you continue to get the performance you expect. This is something unique about our Jackson high speed door service that our clients have come to appreciate. Call us today!