Little Rock High Speed Doors

The installation of quality Little Rock high speed doors is a necessity for many businesses. Johnson Equipment understands your company’s need for efficiency and quality equipment, so we offer the widest selection of quality high speed doors in Little Rock, AR. No matter your need, we have a product to fit your budget.

Types of doors

The types of Little Rock high speed doors we have to offer are so numerous it can be overwhelming to our clients. We’ll list a few here, but know that your local representative can work with you to help you determine the precise match for your facility. 

  • FasTrax: Not only is this the industry’s safest door, but it’s also one of the most versatile and fastest. Multiple track configurations make this door a possibility for nearly any space, and the latest technology makes it safe and fast with a 100”-per-second close rate.

  • Barrier Glider: Simplicity at its finest, the Barrier Glider is one of the most sought after Little Rock freezer doors we offer. With superior seal technology and a simplistic design that lends itself to fewer mechanical failures, this door truly has it all.

  • FasTrax FR: If you love the style of the FasTrax, but need Little Rock cooler doors instead of general operation doors, this model is for you. Insulated to help reduce energy costs, this versatile door can fit in nearly any application.

Are they safe?

Safety is our number one priority. The biggest concern most clients have with high speed doors in Little Rock, AR is safety. The need for these doors in undeniable, but how safe are they really? With the help of devices like the iCOMM digital communication controller and a thru-beam photo eye, the likelihood of an employee injury by these doors is next to none.

Save money now

By investing in our Little Rock high speed doors now, you save your company untold amounts in maintenance and repairs. To learn more, contact your local representative today.