Memphis Dock Levelers

ohnson Equipment is proud to offer the latest, most up-to-date technology in Memphis dock levelers. From new installation to maintenance and upgrades, our factory-trained staff will produce a masterful loading dock design for your facility.

We specialize in all areas of dock and door management, including overhead doors, vehicle stabilizers and dock levelers in Memphis, TN.

The Johnson Equipment difference

Our Memphis loading dock leveler service targets productivity and safety. The purpose of a dock leveler is simple: to minimize jostling of the operator, equipment, and product as it is loaded or unloaded from a truck. A subpar Memphis loading dock ramp may help some, but problems still exist. These include:

  • “Dock Walk”: The air-ride suspension of trucks naturally causes them to shift forward from the pressure of a forklift moving in and out of the trailer. This gap increases and causes significant jostling.

  • Trailer drop: Another natural result of the air-ride suspension in trucks is trailer drop. This is caused by the movement of the forklift between the dock and trailer. The drop can be about four inches or more.

  • Catastrophic trailer separation: This is a result of the trailer not being properly secured and can easily damage your equipment and cause severe harm to your operator.

How our Memphis dock levelers help

We specialize in smooth transition dock levelers for ideal dock design. Not only do these simplistic levelers create a nearly seamless transition between the dock and the trailer, but they also secure the trailer to prevent trailer drop, dock walk or catastrophic separation. We even have conversion kits to transform your current dock levelers in Memphis, TN for companies on a tighter budget.

All of our products are produced by the top manufacturers in the world and handled by our factory-trained staff of customer service representatives, installation managers and technicians.

Contact Johnson Equipment. A customer service rep will be assigned to your account and survey your loading dock, which will allow him or her to provide a myriad of options, including Memphis dock levelers. Our staff will provide literature and videos on these products, or you can try them out firsthand at our Memphis-based showroom.