San Antonio Dock Levelers

We know that much research and consultation is required before your company invests in San Antonio dock levelers or ramps. This is where Johnson Equipment expertise comes in.

We specialize in dock levelers in San Antonio, TX and can provide the intelligence you need to make a savvy decision. At Johnson Equipment, we don’t just work FOR you, we work WITH you. Just consider us a member of the team, working to help you optimize your factory’s productivity by outfitting it with the right dock solutions.

Before you think about investing in a San Antonio loading dock ramp from Johnson Equipment, we will provide the intelligence needed to make an informed decision.

  • Onsite inspection and surveys: Our customer service representatives will visit you to examine and survey your dock. We will run tests, analyze energy efficiency and explore ways we can improve on your current processes.

  • Design: We can design San Antonio dock levelers that fit your exact needs. Even if the size or area is particularly challenging, we will put our skill to use to overcome those obstacles with you.

  • Trial program: Johnson Equipment offers a unique program to help business owners gauge whether or not our products meet their needs. For our trial program, all you have to do is pay for installation. If the equipment does not meet your expectations, we will take it back with no hassle to you.

Also, after we have installed your San Antonio loading dock leveler or other equipment, we provide continued education about each product so you can learn the finer points of maximizing your productivity.

We are truly a premier source for dock levelers in San Antonio, TX, in addition to high-speed, overhead and cooler doors. We staff industry leaders who constantly stay on the cutting edge of evolving technology.

Don’t rush into outfitting your facility with San Antonio dock levelers — call Johnson Equipment first and formulate a heady strategy. We have been in the business since 1959.