Mission Statement To supply the safest, most reliable dock and door products available on the market-backed by unequaled service.



The loading dock is a crucial part to any business with product. When product can't make it through the back door, it can't make it out the front door, crippling businesses. But equally important to the flow of product crossing the loading dock, is the safety of the personnel making it all happen. This is why we focus on providing the most efficient yet safest dock equipment and loading dock services on the market. We can provide just the right combination of dock leveler and Dok Lok for your application and provide the Johnson Five Star Planned Maintenance Program to ensure they stay operating as well as the day they came from the factory. Check out our new Smooth Transition Dock System . All loading dock systems are installed and serviced by factory trained technicians. Contact your local office for help in making the right decision for you and your loading dock.



Dock doors are great at sealing a building while in the closed position, but what happens when those doors are opened to load and unload trucks? Johnson Equipment customer service representatives will be sure to evaluate your application from every angle and complete a thorough survey to ensure an efficient seal using Frommelt's long line of seal and shelter products. Frommelt takes research and development very seriously to ensure they develop the most effective seal possible while still providing long lasting durability. Johnson Equipment backs the strongest seal and shelter warranty in the market. We can even provide products that will seal your dock pit . Contact your local office for help in making the right decision for you and your dock seals or shelters



Openings throughout a facility allow workers access from one area to the next. The challenge is keeping that opening closed when not in use while providing the level of safety, seal, security, protection, and speed needed at a cost effective initial investment and low cost of ownership. We can meet this challenge with a large array of the most effective overhead, high speed, industrial, cold storage and pedestrian doors in the industry. See our high speed door lineup and discover the revolutionizing FasTrax door platform. We provide quality installation and service through factory trained technicians that can ensure your doors maintain the safety and performance you expect. Contact your local office for help in making the right decision for you and your doors.



Johnson Equipment's fifteen offices reside in the southern United States and Mexico, so we understand heat. Especially in the summer months, heat in the warehouse can be staggering to the point of affecting the safety and efficiency of workers. For most companies, air conditioning is not economical. We can provide an alternative to expensive air conditioning or even help minimize the costs for those who are air conditioning using our Revolution Fan line. Whether it be a manufacturing plant with high ceilings or an assembly line under a mezzanine, Johnson Equipment can provide a cooling solution that will work for your application. Contact your local office for help in making the right decision for you and your cooling needs.



Every year, thousands of workers are injured on the job site, and in some unfortunate cases, fatalities occur. Not to mention the billions of dollars lost through insurance claims and medical leave. Johnson Equipment customer service representatives have been trained to understand the potential hazards in all industrial settings and will work with you to maximize safety at your facility. In addition to Dok Loks, Johnson Equipment can provide other unique systems such as safety barrier designs to separate pedestrians from fork lift traffic or DamoTech rack upgrade systems to prevent rack uprights from being damaged and potentially collapsing. We will even work with you to help develop policies and procedures to be used around the loading dock that create the safest possible environment. Contact your local office for help in making the right decision for you and your safety needs.

ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTIONS Johnson Equipment utilizes in-house architectural sales and marketing professionals with architectural backgrounds for those architects, contractors, and end users needing help with anything from loading dock and overhead door layouts and design to building code. We can even arrange lunch and learns where you will receive AIA continuing education credit. Johnson Equipment is also proud to be the exclusive dealer for the McKeon Fire Door line. This line gives us the unique ability to accommodate the most architecturally demanding designs. Contact your local office for help in making the right decision for you and your architectural needs.