Van Buren Dock Equipment Service Repair

We have one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Van Buren dock equipment service staffs. Johnson Equipment is built to suit all the needs of your loading dock. From emergency repairs, to an extensive line of dock equipment upgrades, we can put our 50 years of experience to work for you, helping your company maintain and increase its productivity and efficiency.

About our Van Buren dock equipment repair

Johnson Equipment delivers a repair service that is administered by qualified professionals in a timely fashion. The following is a small sample of what we offer our clients.

  • 24/7 emergency repair: Emergency breakdowns can often cripple a production facility. With Johnson Equipment, we offer dock equipment repair in Van Buren, AR and can address your needs within 24 hours in order to minimize any down time.

  • Factory-trained technicians: These men and women are also OSHA-trained and have the knowledge and skills to not only repair the problem, but trace it back to its source.

  • Fully-equipped service trucks: Our Van Buren equipment service is able to address electrical, hydraulic and mechanical needs because we carry all the necessary equipment with us at all times — boom lifts, torches, welders and more.

Maintaining your dock equipment

Aside from dock equipment repair in Van Buren, AR, Johnson Equipment offers a special Five Star Planned Maintenance Program, which allows you to take preventative measures to avoid the need for major repairs.

Through lubricating, adjusting, cleaning, inspecting and documenting your equipment, our Van Buren dock equipment repair staff is able to keep your equipment functioning the way that it was intended to. This also ensures the safety of your dock workers.

If you are looking to avoid future calamity with your dock equipment, contact the staff at Johnson Equipment. Our Van Buren dock equipment service will keep you up and running.