Van Buren Dock Equipment

As a leading provider of Van Buren dock equipment, the team at Johnson Equipment is truly invested in helping your company succeed through efficiency and productivity. We do that by offering information and tools to make processes at your loading dock move more smoothly — all provided by the foremost manufacturers in the industry.

Johnson Equipment can meet all of your needs for dock equipment in Van Buren, AR. This includes such important products as:

  • Levelers: Our efficient leveling systems create a smooth transfer between the dock floor and the trailer. This piece of dock equipment in Van Buren, AR alone can spare you wear and tear on your equipment, products and even the employee operating the forklift.
  • Dok-Loks: This is an innovative piece of Van Buren dock equipment that fastens the trailer tightly to the dock to create a strong connection and avoid any unevenness or potential accidents.

  • Bumpers: Our extensive line of Van Buren dock bumpers will protect your building from the impact of trucks. These are small, but serve a very important purpose.

  • Shelters and seals: With Van Buren dock seals and shelters, you can bolster the overall efficiency of your loading dock. These seals keep the elements off of your dock and help control the climate.

Leaders in loading dock repair and maintenance

Johnson Equipment is well known for our prompt, thorough repair and maintenance service and installations are made by factory and OSHA trained professionals. We offer 24/7 emergency repair for those unpredictable issues and also provide a scheduled maintenance program that keeps your equipment running in tip-top shape.

You’ll get a team with vast knowledge and decades of experience when you work with Johnson Equipment. We can provide all the information you need to know about Van Buren dock equipment and show you some of it in action. Together, we can help you form an ultra-efficient loading dock. We are available for a free evaluation of your dock equipment application. Call now!