Van Buren Dock Leveler Service Repair

At Johnson Equipment, maintenance is the major focus of our Van Buren dock leveler service. Keeping your dock leveler well maintained means that it will function the way it is supposed to and keep your work force safe every day.

In addition to our expert Van Buren dock leveler repair service, Johnson Equipment offers a Five Star Planned Maintenance Program designed to keep your dock leveler operating smoothly and efficiently. This important program consists of five major steps.

Cleaning: Grease, gunk and other debris can hinder a leveler from performing the way that it should every day.

  • Lubricating: Friction can cause wear and tear on equipment. Lubricating your leveler keeps it operating smoothly and helps avoid a costly future dock leveler repair.

  • Adjusting: Our expert Van Buren dock leveler service staff will make all the necessary adjustments to your leveler.

    Inspecting: A factory-trained technician will inspect your leveler and make any necessary suggestions to help you avoid future problems or malfunctions.

  • Documenting: Our thorough Van Buren dock leveler repair service staff will keep detailed records about your equipment to help with future problems or issues.

Trained staff; Fully stocked service trucks

Factory-trained and OSHA-trained technicians handle our dock leveler service in Van Buren, AR. In fact, we staff over 150 of them company-wide. These men and women have access to service trucks that are stocked with everything they need to make quick and effective repairs for clients.

We offer 24-hour emergency Van Buren dock leveler service. Simply contact us on our service line any time of the day or night, and we will dispatch a technician from our Van Buren warehouse. We will address your problems almost immediately, saving you time, money and preserving employee safety.