Dock Bumpers

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Damaged or Missing Loading Dock Bumpers Could Damage Your Building

  • Avoid expensive repairs
  • Save purchasing/acquisition cost and time
  • Minimize downtime
  • Cut maintenance costs

Loading dock bumpers that are damaged, missing, or misapplied can cause backing trailers to make contact with your building. This can cause structural damage that can potentially be costly to repair. Rite-Hite's complete line of heavy-duty dock bumpers can help provide solutions for every truck dock application at your facility.

Loading Dock Bumpers:

DokSaver Bumpers

Rite-Hite's revolutionary, patented DokSaverTM bumper design withstands the impact and abuse from trailer after trailer, year after year.

The Bumper That Is So Well Built It Comes With a 10 Year Warranty

Steel Faced Bumpers
Use in dock areas where excessive friction occurs. 3/8” heavy-duty carbon steel face. Durable and long-lasting with a 5 year warranty
Available in 4” and 6” thickness in the following sizes: 11” x 24”, 11” x 20”, 18” x 12” and 14” x 12”

Laminated Dock Bumpers - Flat Plate or Angle Applications
Flat plate for use with dock levelers, angles for most other applications. Reinforced rubber pads. 4” or 6” projection. 2 year warranty.
Available in 4” or 6” projections in the following sizes: 12” x 12” | 12” x 14” | 12” x 16” | 12” x 18” | 12” x 24” | 12” x 36” and 20” x 11” | 24” x 11” | 30” x 11” and 36” x 11”

Extra Length Bumpers Available On Request
Reinforced rubber pads. 4” or 6” projection. 2 year warranty. 

Extra-Thick Dock Bumpers
Use where dock seals are extra thick or where greater thickness is needed due to decline approach, overhangs or other architectural features. Reinforced rubber pads. 2 year warranty.
Available in 9”, 10” or 12” projections in the following sizes: 12” x 12” | 12” x 14” | 12” x 18” | 12” x 18” | 12” x 24” | 12” x 36” and 20” x 11” and 24” x 11”

Request more information on how Rite-Hite dock bumpers can save you money and save your dock 



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Around the sides of your dock leveler, gaps are created between the leveler and the concrete loading

dock pit wall.

If these gaps are left uncovered they can become as large as a 14" by 14" hole in your wall and could

cost $557 annually. (Based on a climate in Cincinnati, OH)

Installing energy efficient loading dock leveler weatherseals by Rite-Hite Aftermarket will close the gaps and will help reduce your heating and cooling costs. In many cases, these weatherseals will pay for themselves in four months or less.

Choose from the following weatherseals:

PT-2 Vinyl Seal

  • A flexible vinyl strip.
  • Slides into heavy-duty galvanized channel.
  • Installs on leveler.

NB-1 Brush Seal

  • Galvanized channel.
  • Nylon brush.
  • Easy replacement.

Tear Drop

  • 40 oz. vinyl.
  • Foam inner core.

Rear Hinge Seal

  • Fire retardant polyurethane foam.
  • 1/8 " galvanized pipe.
  • Optional Hypalon® wrapped Charseal.


  • 1-1/2" or 3/4" projection.
  • Flexible foam covered with durable Hypalon® fabric.

Lanyard Cup

  • Stops air penetration through lanyard cup.
  • Durable polyurethane material.



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Damaged ramp control teeth or worn brake systems create an unsafe dock. Both of these problems could lead to a dangerous situation called leveler pop-up. The Hold-Down Upgrade enhances dock leveler performance without any structural alterations, minimizing leveler pop-up.

Strong Holding -A nine-tooth Cadmium plated pawl for superior deck holding.

Rugged Bar -1-1/2" wide, crown toothed Cadmium plated bar for longer life and less wear.

Adjusts To Air Ride Trailers -Patented overload tension relief system allows leveler to automatically adjust to changing trailer bed heights.

Fits Most Levelers Can be retrofitted to existing mechanical levelers of most manufacturers.



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The exclusive Hydrachek Lip Control System positively holds the dock leveler lip in the extended position, allowing you to position it in the bed of the trailer. This unique shock absorber system is slow and smooth, so there is less shock, wear, and leveler maintenance.

Increased Dock Safety Hydrachek Lip Control System eliminates the unsafe practice of manual lip positioning.

Yieldable Lip Shock absorbing system protects lip if impacted by a trailer while extended.

Improved Reliability Proven design eliminates locking mechanisms and complicated “walk-down” systems.

Fits Most Levelers Can be retrofitted to existing mechanical levelers of most manufacturers.


Hydraulic Conversion

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Make Your Docks Safer and More Productive
Increase safety and reduce downtime at your loading docks. Rite-Hite’s Hydraulic Conversion makes it easy to convert your mechanical dock leveler to a hydraulic style leveler.

Rite-Hite Hydraulic Conversion includes:

  • Push button control- Eliminates chain-pulling and leveler walkdown.
  • Unrestricted full range float- Eliminates “stump-out” caused by mechanical safety legs.
  • Hydraulic velocity fuse safety system- Safest form of free-fall protection. Maximum 3" drop.
  • Lower ownership cost - Downward-biased and fewer moving parts mean less maintenance costs.
  • Safe-T-Strut Support System- Unique through-the-lip design maximizes safety during maintenance.
  • Full range toe-guards- Heavy-duty 3/16" toe guards protect personnel. 



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Loading dock equipment and workers are both at risk when levelers are being serviced. Fork trucks can accidentally drive onto a raised leveler or into the side, causing damage and injury. The Safe-T-Strut System is designed to help prevent the collapse of dock levelers undergoing maintenance.

Stands Firm - Unique through-the-lip extension keeps strut in place, even if hydraulic dock leveler is raised to its maximum height. Capable of withstanding a 10,000 lb. fork truck driving up half the length of a raised leveler at 3-4 mph.

Built to "Earthquake" Design Standard - Remains in position to endure the violent rocking motion produced when a 10,000 lb. fork truck collides with the side of a raised leveler at 3-4 mph.

Helps Comply with OSHA Regulations -For added safety, the system offers lockout capability - can be easily padlocked to prevent removal. 

Provides Easy, Cost Effective Protection -Installation is quick, operation is simple and cost is affordable.



Dock Levelers are the gateway to plant productivity and profits. Most of your deliveries and shipments cross over them. When evaluating your loading dock, there are several upgrades options to consider to help maximize your dock leveler's potential. Converting a mechanical leveler into a hydraulic leveler, adding a safety barrier, and replacing your dock leveler weather seal or loading dock bumpers are just a few ways to improve your current dock levelers.


  • Mechanical dock levelers have ergonomic issues associated with chain-pulling and the walking down of a leveler.
  • Support leg interference can increase mechanical leveler and fork truck maintenance.

Hydraulic Conversion Kit

  • Push button control eliminates leveler chain-pulling and walk-down.
  • Hydraulic levelers provide unrestricted full range float.
  • Hydraulic levelers provide lower average maintenance costs. 


  • Open loading docks create a dangerous situation at your facility.

Safe-T-Lip Barrier Upgrade

  • Automatically folds into position when the leveler has completed its operation and is recycled to dock level


  • Wear to a conventional lip mechanism on a mechanical leveler can cause assembly to breakdown and fail.
  • Dock leveler lips that do not extend or retract properly place personnel at risk and create a safety hazard.
  • Faulty lip control systems can cause damage to trucks and equipment. 

Hydrachek Lip Control System

  • Holds lip into the extended position and allows it to extend onto the trailer bed.
  • Automatically stores the lip after truck departure.
  • Retrofits to other manufacturer's dock levelers. 

 Additional Dock Leveler Upgrade options include:

  • Hold-Down Upgrade - Enhance dock leveler performance without any structural alterations, minimizing leveler pop-up.
  • Dock Leveler Weatherseals - Close the gaps around your dock levelers.
  • Safe-T-Strut Support System - Exclusive through-the-lip design, solidly supports the weight of a raised leveler so technicians can work safely underneath.
  • Loading Dock Bumpers - Protect your building and your dock leveler with the proper loading dock bumper. Available in three different styles; Doksaver, Steel faced, and Laminated.