Wheel Guides


The Wheel Guide Alignment System from Rite-Hite Aftermarket helps to consistently position trailers at your loading docks every time.

When trailers back into loading dock off-center, there are potential hazards that can occur. Damage to building walls, dock bumpers, dock levelers, and seals and shelters can cost you money, while decreasing productivity at your plant.

Rite-Hite's Wheel Guide System helps to minimize the damage that can happen when trailers are not properly positioned at the dock.

Made from schedule 40 tubing the Wheel Guide System can be used as a temporary or permanent guide on the dock approach. Heavy-duty steel plates and 5/8" x 5 1/4" supplied anchors assist in making installation easy. The Wheel Guide System has a safety yellow powder coated finish for increased visibility.


Light Communication

The Light Communication System is a unique, low-cost way to improve communication between truck drivers and your dock personnel. The simple red and green lights -- instantly understood as "stop" and "go" -- provide clear signals to dock workers inside and truck drivers outside. So your dock can operate more safely and efficiently.



Trailer Stand

Avoid Injuries, Downtime and Loss of Product

  • An inexpensive method to meet OSHA regulations
  • Prevents injuries due to trailer landing gear collapse
  • Handle most trailers with our 100,000 pound capacity fixed trailer jack
  • Maintenance free design
  • Safe, productive and easy to use
  • Fits most truck trailers

Fits Almost All Types of Trailers.
TS-2000 Trailer Stands are designed to fit most types of trailers that may come into your loading docks. They have an overall retracted length of 42" and an overall extended length of 55" and a static load capacity of 100,000 lbs.

Landing Gear Collapse
Caused by rusted or faulty landing gear can be very costly for your company with injuries to employees, downtime, and loss of product. Rite-Hite's TS-2000 Trailer Stand is designed to help prevent landing gear collapse by providing secure support when placed under the nose of a trailer.

The TS-2000 is made of heavy, square, tubular construction. A single gear makes the TS-2000 virtually maintenance free and easy to use. Positioning crank is always in a ready-to-use position helping to reduce wasted time. Tires are made of 16" solid rubber and the TS-2000 is designed with a bar to help with ease of positioning and to be more ergonomic.

Excerpts from OSHA Regulations regarding fixed trailer jacks or trailer stands
Fixed jacks may be necessary to support a semitrailer and prevent upending during the loading or unloading when the trailer is not coupled to a tractor.

The brakes of highway trucks shall be set and wheel chocks placed under the rear wheels to prevent the trucks from rolling while they are boarded with powered industrial trucks.

Additional Solutions
Rotating hook Dok-Lok vehicle restraints can also can help prevent accidents caused by landing gear collapse.



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Around the sides of your dock leveler, gaps are created between the leveler and the concrete loading dock pit wall.

If these gaps are left uncovered they can become as large as a 14" by 14" hole in your wall and could cost $557 annually. (Based on a climate in Cincinnati, OH)

Installing energy efficient loading dock leveler weatherseals by Rite-Hite Aftermarket will close the gaps and will help reduce your heating and cooling costs. In many cases, these weatherseals will pay for themselves in four months or less.

Choose from the following weatherseals:

PT-2 Vinyl Seal

  • A flexible vinyl strip.
  • Slides into heavy-duty galvanized channel.
  • Installs on leveler.

 NB-1 Brush Seal

  • Galvanized channel.
  • Nylon brush.
  • Easy replacement. 

 Tear Drop

  • 40 oz. vinyl.
  • Foam inner core.

 Rear Hinge Seal

  • Fire retardant polyurethane foam.
  • 1/8 " galvanized pipe.
  • Optional Hypalon® wrapped Charseal.


  • 1-1/2" or 3/4" projection.
  • Flexible foam covered with durable Hypalon® fabric.

 Lanyard Cup

  • Stops air penetration through lanyard cup.
  • Durable polyurethane material.


Dock Lights

Rite-Lite® HD-LED Dock Light

  • 15 watts
  • Minimum life of 50,000 hours at 70% lumen maintenance
  • Always cool-to-the-touch
  • 5-year warranty

Standard Cool-Head™ 

Flexible Spring Arm

  • Flexible arm springs back from overhead door and fork truck impacts.

Safety Requirements

  • UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards
  • Meets NEC and OSHA general requirements


  • 1 1/2" 14-gauge square steel tubing
  • Double-strut design for stability
  • Available in 40", 60" and 90"arm lengths
  • Same heavy-duty components without flexible arm assembly
  • An economical choice

Polycarbonate Head

  • High-impact
  • Cool-to-the-touch
  • 50% less weight than metal head


  • Safety yellow powder coating
  • Rust-resistant


Dock Bumpers

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Damaged or Missing Loading Dock Bumpers Could Damage Your Building

  • Avoid expensive repairs
  • Save purchasing/acquisition cost and time
  • Minimize downtime
  • Cut maintenance costs

Loading dock bumpers that are damaged, missing, or misapplied can cause backing trailers to make contact with your building. This can cause structural damage that can potentially be costly to repair. Rite-Hite's complete line of heavy-duty dock bumpers can help provide solutions for every truck dock application at your facility.

Loading Dock Bumpers:

DokSaver Bumpers

Rite-Hite's revolutionary, patented DokSaverTM bumper design withstands the impact and abuse from trailer after trailer, year after year.

The Bumper That Is So Well Built It Comes With a 10 Year Warrant

Steel Faced Bumpers
Use in dock areas where excessive friction occurs. 3/8” heavy-duty carbon steel face. Durable and long-lasting with a 5 year warranty.

Available in 4” and 6” thickness in the following sizes: 11” x 24”, 11” x 20”, 18” x 12” and 14” x 12”

Laminated Dock Bumpers - Flat Plate or Angle Applications
Flat plate for use with dock levelers, angles for most other applications. Reinforced rubber pads. 4” or 6” projection. 2 year warranty.

Available in 4” or 6” projections in the following sizes: 12” x 12” | 12” x 14” | 12” x 16” | 12” x 18” | 12” x 24” | 12” x 36” and 20” x 11” | 24” x 11” | 30” x 11” and 36” x 11”

Extra Length Bumpers Available On Request
Reinforced rubber pads. 4” or 6” projection. 2 year warranty.

Extra-Thick Dock Bumpers
Use where dock seals are extra thick or where greater thickness is needed due to decline approach, overhangs or other architectural features. Reinforced rubber pads. 2 year warranty.

Available in 9”, 10” or 12” projections in the following sizes: 12” x 12” | 12” x 14” | 12” x 18” | 12” x 18” | 12” x 24” | 12” x 36” and 20” x 11” and 24” x 11”

Request more information on how Rite-Hite dock bumpers can save you money and save your dock