Durathon Fabric


Frommelt's exclusive Durathon fabric is the industry's only high-strength, friction-resistant fabric, and provides the ultimate in dock seal and shelter durability. It is featured on most Frommelt dock seals and shelters.

Features include:

  • Superior strength from exclusive tri-polymer coating technology to provide better flexibility and higher tear strength.
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance from textured, pebble-grain finish. Reduces scuffs and scratches for improved aesthetics and longer wear.
  • Eliminates the need for wear pleats when used as a reinforcing material on the Insulator™ II Dock Seal.



Firefighter™ Heat-Dissipation Protection

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Dock seal fires occur frequently

  • Heat from trailer lights rise rapidly when compressed into foam, possibly reaching 900º F in 20-30 minutes

Firefighter provides effective heat-dissipation protection

  • Layered foil technology disperses heat, maintaining a safe temperature
  • Does not burn from trailer marker lights like fire retardant foam and fabric can
  • Strongly advised on all foam dock seal head pads
  • Advised on head curtains

Fire retardant foam and fabric cannot prevent burning

  • Chemicals added to create fire retardance can cause fabric to wear faster, diminishing the life of the seal
  • Firefighter products covered with ultra-durable Durathon™ fabric have dramatically superior wear characteristics


High-Performance Header

If the side pads of your existing dock seals are in good condition, then there is no need to replace them. Instead, just replace the worn out header. An Upgrade Kit is available that allows for easy installation of the new High Performance Head Pad or Head Curtain found on the Insulator™ II and TP Platinum™ dock seals.