A Highly Effective Preventive Solution from the Damotech Line

The Damo Guard looks so simple, but looks can be deceiving. This is what happens when a product is well-engineered and does what it is designed to do. The Damo Guard is used to help reduce damage and twisting on front columns, and fits on any type of rack. The Damo Guard is a very efficient way to protect the most critical part of your upright: the first 24 inches. 36” & 48” options are available. Can also accommodate seismic footplates.

Technical Specifications

  • Structural Steel Bent Plate
  • Standard Height: 24"
  • (other heights available)
  • Colors: Orange (Standard)
  • Other Colors & Galvanized Finish available
  • Horizontal Brace: C3 Channel
  • Bolts: 1/2" + 5/8" bolt
  • Anchors: 2 Hilti Anchors with very high shearing capacity included.