A Heavy Duty solution from the Damotech Line for Column protection

The Damo Shield is used to protect building columns of up to 10 x 10 inches. It is the only solution on the market that does not actually touch the column and does not rely on it in case of an accident. The Damo Shield is made of two 1/4” structural steel half moons bolted together for a total diameter of 19 inches, leaving plenty of room for the lifts to pass. The Damo Shield is 36 inches high and anchored to the ground with 8 heavy duty Hilti anchors. It can also be customized to protect any mechanicals running next to the columns.

Technical Specifications

  • Body: 1/4″ Structural Steel Tubing
  • Standard Height: 36″
  • Color: Orange (standard)
  • Other colors and Galvanized Finish also available
  • Bolts: 1/2″
  • 8 Hilti Anchors with very high shearing capacity included