A New Heavy Duty Preventive Solution from the Damotech Line

As the name indicates, it is a heavy-duty version of our Damo Guard with its own distinguishing features. The Damo Super Guard is used in high traffic areas to protect the most critical part of an upright: the first 24 inches. It has an extremely high resistance to impact as it is bolted to the ground with 5 anchors that help prevent twisting. It can fit over a Frazier bullnose rack system and is available without the front bullnose. 36” & 48” options are also available.

Technical Specifications

  • Structural Steel Bent Plate
  • Standard Height: 24″ (other heights available)
  • Colors: Orange (Standard)
  • Other colors & Galvanized Finish available
  • Horizontal Brace: C3 Channel
  • Bolts: 1/2″
  • Anchors: 5 Hilti Anchors with very high shearing capacity included.