Safe T Gate Automatic

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Vacant loading docks create a dangerous 4-foot drop-off for dock personnel and material handling equipment. The brutal reality of this dangerous drop-off is often recognized only after it is too late and a serious accident has happened.

Protect your employees and equipment with the Safe-T-Gate Automatic from Rite-Hite. The momentary push-button controls make operation easy and automatic.

Safe-T-Gate Automatic Features Include:

  • Helps prevent fork trucks, pallet jacks, and pedestrians from falling off a loading dock.
  • Operator and reversing photo-eye sense obstructions.
  • Strap restraining system stops 10,000 lbs. at 4 mph.
  • Compact, low-profile structure is self-standing.
  • Sizes range from 5'0" to 10'0" clear opening width to 6'6" to 12'0" clear opening height.
  • Interlock with dock leveler, trailer restraint and/or overhead door to control sequence of operation for maximum protection.