Stop your profits from blowing out the loading dock!

With the rapidly rising cost of energy, effectively sealing dock openings takes on a critical importance. The Frommelt Loading Dock Energy Loss Analysis is an exclusive, engineered program that calculates the energy cost savings that can be realized with a variety of dock sealing configurations.

Using ASHRAE methods for measuring air infiltration and wind speed, and national data on local weather, the tool considers the elements of your specific situation to calculate the actual dollars that would be lost through your unsealed dock openings.

The savings associated with different solutions, together with investment payback timelines, are also calculated. For example, choosing an enclosure that seals the open trailer door hinge gaps can save from $200 to $600 or more per year in preventable energy loss, depending on your location and the specifics of your facility and loading practices.

 Here is a sample of a partial worksheet used to determine energy loss: