Communication & Controls

Light Communication Kit 

Establish a clear line of communication between drivers and dock personnel.

  • 12 1/8" high x 6 3/16" wide x 2” deep (light cover projects 3 5/8-").
  • Clearly visible green and red lights.
  • Black polypropylene housing.
  • Two 12-volt automotive bulbs.
  • Inside toggle switch manually changes lights between green and red.
  • Middle switch position provides “red-red” safety condition.
  • One inside and two outside caution signs.
  • UL Listed.

Optional LED Package

  • Extended bulb life.
  • Lower maintenance cost.
  • Cooler burning light system.
  • Less AMP draw. 


Dock Levelers

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Dock Leveler Upgrades

Loading Dock Levelers are the gateway to plant productivity and profits. Most of your deliveries and shipments cross over them. When evaluating your loading dock, there are several upgrade options to consider to help optimize loading safety and productivity.

Hydraulic Conversion Kit – Convert your existing mechanical dock leveler into a hydraulic dock leveler featuring push-button activation.

Safe-T-Lip Upgrade – Upgrade your existing Rite-Hite hydraulic leveler with a Safe-T-Lip barrier. Available in 5” or 7” barrier, a Safe-T-Lip barrier is designed to stop 10,000 lbs. at 4 mph. 

Safe-T-Strut Support System - Exclusive through-the-lip design, solidly supports the weight of a raised leveler so technicians can work safely underneath. 

Hydrachek Upgrade* – Rite-Hite’s Hydrachek Lip Control System holds the mechanical dock leveler lip in the extended position during loading/unloading.

Holddown Upgrade* – Utilizing Rite-Hite’s nine-tooth Cadmium plated pawl, a holddown upgrade enhances mechanical dock leveler performance.
*Rite-Hite’s Hydrachek and Holddown Upgrades can be retrofitted to most Rite-Hite and competitors mechanical dock levelers.

Dock Leveler Weatherseals – Reduce heating and cooling costs by closing up the gaps around the sides of your dock levelers.