What is a “Fly-In”?….
Centered on your needs, the Johnson Equipment Company Fly-In is a custom-planned visit to Johnson Equipment Company headquarters. During a one or two-day program, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of industrial safety systems and Johnson Equipment Company technology. Your itinerary will include visits to manufacturing plants, product showrooms, talks with engineers and other Johnson Equipment Company staff. All at the courtesy of your Johnson Equipment Representative who will be with you every step of the way. One-Stop Shopping!

A highlight will be a visit to our product showrooms, a learning laboratory of industrial products and safety systems. Here, you will directly compare Johnson Equipment Company products with our major competitors. Examine them close-up, put them through their paces and get educated on what the KEY features are that benefit you the most.

What is the best solution for your specific need?
What are your needs? A high-speed power door for access to a freezer? The right leveler to handle the variety of trailers you are receiving? What’s the impact of Air-Ride trailers on my equipment choices? Solutions to problems like these are long-term investments, and you essentially have one chance to make the right decision. Fortunately you don’t have to make them alone. Together, we’ll determine the best alternatives to meet your needs.

A Fly-In can take you where you want to go.
Whether it’s safety information, dock design, new ideas or new equipment, you probably have a goal in mind. A Johnson Equipment Company Fly-In can help you get there from here. As a customized program, it can address your specific needs for your specific industry.