Loading Dock Vehicle Restraints & Dock Locks

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Loading dock vehicle restraints were developed in 1980 to increase safety at the loading dock by securing trailers to the loading dock.

As the transportation industry changes, the technology and sophistication of loading dock vehicle restraints and dock locks has evolved to meet these new challenges.

At Johnson Equipment we’re on the leading edge of each new trend in the industry, and we’ve developed partnerships with the best manufacturer’s in the industry to provide you with the best solutions available.

Vehicle restraint solutions include:

Stabilizing Loading Dock Levelers

Stabilizing loading dock levelers are part of the Smooth Transition Dock System which helps prevent vertical and horizontal trailer movement by securely engaging the trailer’s rear impact guard and stabilizing the rear of the trailer.

Rotating Hook Loading Dock Levelers

The unique rotating hook is designed to address all major types of trailer separation accidents.

Vertical Barrier Restraints

Vertical barrier restraints are designed to secure a semi-trailer to a loading dock by engaging the trailer’s rear impact guard (RIG) with a large, vertical barrier.

Trailer Wheel Locks

Wheel-Lok®restraints provide the highest level of safety for the application. Wheel-Lok restraints service a variety of trailer types, such as trailers with hydraulic liftgates, drop frame trailers and trailers without an effective rear impact guard (RIG).

Industrial Warehouse Communication & Controls

Clear, concise communication is critical to safety at the loading dock. Lights and alarms should clearly inform dock personnel when they can safely enter and exit a truck trailer and inform truck drivers when it is safe to depart.

The Dock Lock Upgrade Program

A commitment to design enhancements and performance improvements prompted the Dok-Lok Upgrade Program which allows customers to keep their loading docks current with trends in the trucking industry.

Vehicle Restraint Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is essential in order to keep your loading dock vehicle restraints working condition and avoid warehouse accidents and loss of productivity.