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Loading dock levelers

Loading dock levelers can either be the reason for your productivity or a liability to the safety of your employees and products. Protect your companies most important assets with high quality loading dock levelers from Johnson Equipment Company.

Why do you need new loading dock levelers?

Stress on dock levelers from constant passage between trucks and warehouses can take a huge toll on some of your businesses most important assets including dock workers, dock equipment, and products. While updating your dock levelers may not be the first thing you think of when trying to improve the safety of your employees and the longevity of your dock equipment, that is exactly what loading dock levelers from Johnson Equipment can do for your business.

Protect Loading Dock Workers

Skilled loading dock workers are your most valuable assets. Constant bumps and vibrations from driving a forklift over outdated dock levelers between trucks and loading docks leads to a condition known as dock shock. Dock shock is chronic neck and back pain, a common injury for forklift operators.

Prevent Loading Dock Equipment Damage

Your workers aren’t the only ones harmed by ineffective loading dock levelers. Poor dock levelers can cause serious damage to forklifts by the constant rattling and bouncing of crossing over old dock levelers.

Reduce Damage to Products

Not only will inadequate loading dock levelers injure workers and forklifts, they will also lead to a higher rate of product breakage.

Which dock levelers will meet your needs?

While the effects of poor dock levelers are largely the same across most business, most companies have unique dock equipment needs, that’s why Johnson Equipment supplies a variety of products designed to meet your specific needs including, hydraulic, air-powered, mechanical, specialized, and truck/wheel levelers.

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

For the smoothest transition between warehouses and trucks, hydraulic dock levelers are the best product on the market. Not only do hydraulic levelers offer optimal performance, they require minimal maintenance and low lifetime ownership costs.

Hydraulic levelers are the best solution for transporting delicate products between loading docks and truck containers due to the extremely smooth transition they provide. View all our available hydraulic loading dock levelers.

Air-Powered Dock Levelers

Air-powered dock levelers provide a safe and reliable transition similar to a hydraulic leveler. These loading dock levelers require no legs or rollers which leads lower maintenance costs and reduces the risk of stump-out problems. Air-powered docks also include a unique Safe-T-Lip edge that prevents forklifts from running off of an open dock

Air-powered dock levelers are a great solution for docks where low maintenance and high-speed loading and unloading are high priorities.

View the specific air-powered loading dock levelers we offer.

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Johnson Equipment’s mechanical loading dock levelers are a cost-effective option that provide a smooth transition between trucks and loading docks for basic use. Mechanical levelers are safe and reliable for many situations

Mechanical dock levelers are ideal for basic, lower volume usage where initial cost and standard safety are a high priority.

Learn more about the mechanical loading dock levelers available from Johnson Equipment

Specialized Dock Levelers

At Johnson Equipment we’re dedicated to providing the best solution to any loading dock needs, that’s why we provide standard and specialized loading. When normal levelers will not meet your requirements due unique space size, or weight requirements our specialized solutions are designed to meet your unique desires.

Select a specialized dock leveler from Johnson Equipment.

Truck Levelers and Wheel Risers

Truck levelers and wheel risers are designed to increase productivity by providing a smooth transition between modern trailers many of which are wider, longer, or have a lower bed than standard sized trailers.

Truck levelers have a uniquely shaped deck that minimizes the slope of the lifting surface, keeping tires even and reducing the risk of the trailer moving away from the dock.

Wheel risers are a cost-effective way to bring low-rise trailers up to the height of your loading dock.

Truck levelers and wheel risers are the ideal solution for adapting unique-sized trailers to your loading dock, for maximum productivity.

View all the truck levelers and wheel risers we offer.

Not sure which loading dock leveler system is the best fit for your company?

Our team of industry experts is standing by to help determine the best dock leveler for your unique needs.

Contact us today to get started.