Loading dock and trailer separation is one of the leading causes of warehouse accidents. Dock lock vehicle restraints are the ideal way to protect your workers, products and equipment from harm.Vehicle restraint hook and barrier systems prevent trucks from gradually moving away from the loading dock as a result of constant passage of forklifts between docks and trailers. Due to their vital importance to loading dock safety, vehicle restraints require ongoing maintenance and can require emergency repair.

Emergency Dock Lock Vehicle Restraint Repair

A broken dock lock could cause your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity, and if not properly maintained, workers could be injured. When safety products break you need a responsive, local loading dock repair specialist with the tools and experience to get your loading dock up and running at full capacity as fast and as safe as possible. The service and repair staff at Johnson Equipment is standing by with the parts and service manuals needed to fix most vehicle restraint issues on the spot. However, emergency loading dock vehicle restraint repair can often be avoided with periodic loading dock maintenance.

Preventative Loading Dock Lock Maintenance

Planned review and testing of vehicle restraints can prevent the need for emergency repairs and improve the safety of your loading dock. The best way to ensure dock safety, and save money in the long run is through a planned maintenance program from Johnson Equipment. Not only will you receive ongoing safety support, our local experts will already have in depth knowledge of your dock systems, so we can quickly respond to any equipment emergencies that you encounter. Contact us today for a free consultation for ongoing maintenance or responsive emergency loading dock vehicle restraint repair.

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