Improve your loading docks’ efficiency and productivity with Rite-Hite Aftermarket’s extensive line of products that include; reflective guide striping, wheel guide alignment systems, light communication systems, combination control boxes, trailer stabilizing jacks or stands, in-plant protective railing systems, loading dock bumpers, and loading dock lights.

All of these products are designed to address the following needs:

  • Guide trailers to the dock.
  • Restrict trailer movement.
  • Improve trailer interior conditions.
  • Enhance loading dock communication.
  • Protect your building and equipment.

Open Dock Protection

Dok-Guardian Barrier

Protect your employees and equipment with the Dok-Guardian Safety Barrier from Rite-Hite. Available in two models, the Dok-Guardian is a simple, easy-to-use safety solution for almost any loading dock.
For the complete line of Barrier System products, please visit,

Trailer Guidance Solutions

Reflecto Guide Safety Strips Maintenance free optical fabric provides a high level of visibility in all weather conditions to help guide trucks to the loading dock. 

Wheel Guide Alignment System
Aligns trailers within inches to assist full-width loading and unloading through dock doors and across levelers.

Dock Communication Solutions

Light Communication System
Establish a clear line of communication between drivers and dock personnel during the loading/unloading process.

Dok-Commander Combination Control Panel
Upgrade your loading dock operation by integrating the controls of multiple devices. Can combine dock leveler, vehicle restraint, dock light, and overhead door operation into one control box.

Trailer Movement Solutions

TS-2000 Trailer Stand
Prevent landing gear collapse.
Seldom used or rusted landing gear may collapse under extreme weight conditions

Trailer Environment Solutions

Dock Lights
OSHA requires loading docks to be lighted. Cool Head Series dock lights keep you in compliance and more, with features that increase safety and durability.

Building Protection Solutions

Guardrite Protective Railing
Prevent forklifts and other in-plant vehicles from damaging your facilities and equipment.
Loading Dock Bumpers
Protect your building investment. Four different styles to choose from.