Bluff Manufacturing 

Dock boards, dock plates, yard ramps & edge of dock levelers are in effect bridges. These have been Bluff Manufacturing's product line for many years. Dock Boards and dock plates that span the gap between a building or dock and a truck bed. Over the years the product line has been expanded and the offering is now a very sophisticated list of both general and special use dock boards and dock plates.

In the mid '90s we entered the yard ramp market with what has become the standard all others try to match. Our mobile loading ramps can be found in every industry and in every market from agriculture to military, from building trades to distribution. They give our customers the safest most productive loading / unloading tool on the market.

A few years ago, we added our Crash-Guard line of warehouse safety products. We believe it is the toughest best built protective railing available in the US today. We know our Powder coat finish not only starts looking great but maintains that look for many years to alert drivers and operators and enhance the appearance of our customers operation.


yard ramps

Yard Ramps

When you do not have a truck high dock, or have more trucks to load than available docks, a Yard Ramp can be used to load trucks from ground level. Yard ramps are portable, and can be towed with a forklift. A hydraulic pump makes adjusting the height of the Yard Ramp easy.

dock board

Dock Boards and Dock Plates

Dock Boards bridge the gap between the truck and the dock, allowing for the safe loading of trucks. Made of strong but lightweight aluminum, or heavy duty steel for the heaviest loads. Capacities range from 6,000 to 40,000 lbs.

dock levelers

Dock Levelers

A high use dock that does not have a "pit dock leveler" is a perfect candidate for a Bluff Edge-of-Dock Leveler. Our spring assist and well-balanced unit makes this "user friendly" for even the lightest operator. LTL or truck loads go much faster with a Bluff "EP" (Easy Pull).

wheel risers

Wheel Risers

Wheel Risers allow trailers to be positioned properly above dock for more efficient loading. Widths of 18" and 24". Lengths to accommodate single, dual, or tandem axle trailers. Wheel Risers can be portable or permanently positioned. Custom sizes available.

walk ramps

Walk Ramps

Lightweight aluminum construction yet designed to carry "working loads" moved by hand truck or pallet jack. These walk ramps are produced by our sister company Magliner and are the industry standard. Standard lengths run from 3' to 16'and two widths of 29" or 39".

warehouse safety products

Warehouse Safety Products

These products consist of the Crash-Guard protective railing, the MPB (Modular Protective Barrier), Rack Guard, Post Protector, Door Track Protector and Bollard. All BARRIERS.

dock and ware house products

Additional Products

Curb Ramps  Fracking Ramps Mezzanines
Slab Handling Equipment Cantilever Racks  

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