GuardRite Strap

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A New Innovative Barrier System….

GuardRite Strap Barrier System is a unique way to protect large work areas or long walkways in your facility.

Consider this system for areas that are currently designated by only a yellow painted line. It provides an economical, effective visual and physical barrier to help keep people and material handling equipment out of harm’s way.

Straps can span up to 60′ between permanently mounted steel posts and can be easily removed for unobstructed access.

Separates & Defines

  • Interior Loading Docks
  • Long Walkways
  • Large Work Areas

 Modular Design

  • Easy to install
  • Spans up to 60’ (18.29m) between posts


  • Steel posts provide solid support.
  • 6” (152.40 mm) high yellow restraining straps provide excellent visibility.
  • Straps absorb impact without damage. Strap are easily re-tensioned after impact if required.
  • Straps can be removed for unobstructed access.

 Standard Design

  • Double posts stop a 10,000-lb. (4,535.92 kg) fork truck at 4 mph (6.44 kph)
  • See deflection chart for proper installation location.

 Light Duty Design

  • Single posts
  • Single or double strap restraining kit
  • Pedestrian barrier only

 Storage System

  • Simple, manual operation keeps straps neatly organized when access is needed. See operation video for details.