GX4000 Panel

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Sectional door panels that are not repaired are a source of energy loss and increased maintenance costs. You can reduce your energy and maintenance costs by replacing your damaged bottom sectional door panels with the GX-4000 Universal Replacement Panel.

Fits Most Doors The GX-4000 is an interlocking modular panel that can be retrofitted to most existing sectional doors up to 12’2′ in length. The GX-4000 can be used to replace bottom, intermediate, or top panels of various heights.

Unique Design Made from a vinyl material, the GX-4000 has a unique design and integral support system which gives it an optimum combination of flexibility and rigidity. The GX-4000 has excellent memory and will not take a set as conventional door sections when impacted by a fork truck.

Standard Heights Panel heights can be 21″, 24″ or 27″ for standard section replacements. These panels will consist of 4 or 5 modular sections that are 3″ or 6″ high, which quickly slide together to make a complete panel to fit the width of your door. The panel is heavier than a standard door section and can be ordered with windows.

Easy Installation Installation of the GX-4000 can be completed with common hand tools and existing hardware.

Replace Modular Sections Easily Once installed, if a modular section gets damaged, simply replace the damaged section with a new one.

Additional Options for the GX-4000 New Universal GX-4000 Ventilation & Day-Lite Translucent Slats allow air and light to enter the dock area

Retrofitable to most existing sectional doors, the Universal GX-4000 Ventilation Panel’s stainless steel screen is fully enclosed in a white powder coated steel frame. The 6″ high acrylic Translucent Slats allow natural light into the dock area

The GX-4000 Ventilation panel is available in screen heights of 12 or 18 inches high. To keep the elements out of the loading dock, the 1/8-inch thick white or clear ABS cover provides complete screen perimeter sealing and comes complete with piano-style hinge

Two screen sizes available: .020″ and .010″ diameter.

Double-High Universal GX-4000 Bottom Panels

  • Double-high bottom panels provide an impactable door where it is needed
  • Better long-term solution than replacing with standard conventional bottom sections
  • More economical solution than complete breakaway style door
  • Consider this design when replacing complete doors or installing new doors

Need a full door? The Rite-Flex Sectional Door is constructed of GX-4000 panels from top to bottom.