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Loading Dock Products | Johnson Equipment Company

Barrier Systems
Prevent accidents at your loading dock and throughout your facility.  Johnson Equipment Company offices solutions to prevent drop-offs at the loading dock, separate and define work areas, and provide

Dock Management
Improve your efficiency and productivity with Johnson Equipment Company Aftermarket products including reflective guide striping, wheel guide alignment systems, light communication systems, combination control boxes, trailer stabilizing jacks or stands, in-plant protective railing systems, loading dock bumpers, and loading dock lights.

Communication & Controls
Clear, concise communication is critical to safety at the loading dock. Lights and alarms must clearly inform dock personnel when they can safely enter and exit a truck trailer and inform truck drivers when it is safe to depart.

Planned Maintenance
Keep your equipment properly maintained for maximum uptime.  Schedule routine maintenance to protect your equipment from premature wear and potential big issues.

Johnson Equipment Company offer on-site services as well as the option to visit other customer sites and the corporate sites to provide the support that meets your demands.

Energy Saving Solutions
As energy rates continue to increase, it is even more important to find product solutions that save you money.  Johnson Equipment Company has many products that offer an ROI in as little as 6 months and help save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually