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Frommelt’s Platinum™ Series high-performance dock seals are built with advanced features that ensure long life in harsh dock environments that would damage or destroy ordinary dock seals, such as high trailer traffic, decline dock approaches and the use of yard jockeys. Plus, new High Performance Headers come with replaceable wear components keeping maintenance costs low.

Features include:

  • Available Durathon™ high-strength ArmorPleats™ – Protect side pads against extreme wear and tear with the industry’s only high-strength, friction-resistant wear pleat material, Durathon AP™.
  • Durable, replaceable wear components – Tough, pleatless corner wear boots and head curtain face are constructed of Durathon and are attached with Velcro for quick and easy replacement if needed. Keeps maintenance costs low and avoids expensive repair or replacement of entire header if damaged.
  • Firefighter™ protection – Triple-layer foil heat-dissipation system in header prevents burning from the heat build-up of compressed trailer marker lights. Firefighter protection is also available in side pads.
  • 12-month money-back satisfaction guarantee – All units covered by no-risk money-back guarantee of satisfaction in addition to the standard 12-month parts and labor warranty. High Performance Headers covered by 36-month satisfaction guarantee.
  • Model TPHP: Durable, pivoting head pad – Unique, backerless construction creates lower pressure when trailer backs in for reduced friction and wear. Integral poly stabilizing panel and beveled design help prevent sagging of head pad caused by severe inward and downward pressure from trailers.
  • Model TPHC: Self-locking head curtain – Adjustable head curtain features self-locking sealing edge that automatically locks in place when trailer backs in and compresses the side pads. Reduces gaps at trailer top and corners that are typical problems on dock seals with traditional head curtain designs.
  • Model TPHC: Impactable header frame – Advanced poly header design takes trailer impact without suffering damage that traditional head curtain designs would.

More Energy Savings at your Dock – Check out the PitMaster™ Under-leveler Seal to shave hundreds of dollars per year per dock position off your facility’s heating or cooling costs, while also preventing infiltration of dirt, debris and insects into your building and eliminating white space.

Contact your Rite-Hite Representative for a free, customized energy loss analysis.