Truck and Wheel

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Changes in the trailer industry, such as longer, wider and lower bed trailers, directly affect productivity at the loading dock if loads are not moved smoothly and efficiently.

Johnson Equipment has innovative solutions for your truck leveling needs. Increase productivity by raising the trailer to the appropriate dock height and providing full-width access for loading/unloading operations.

Truck Levelers

ThinMan TM Truck Leveler/Global Wheel-Lok Vehicle Restraint System
The ThinManTM Truck Leveler/Global Wheel-Lok Vehicle Restraint system provides increased productivity with full, unobstructed access to virtually any trailer and load. 

Z-DeckTM Truck Leveler
The unique, z-shaped deck helps minimize the slope of the lifting surface while providing full-width access to the trailer.

Wheel Risers
Johnson Equipment offers several custom wheel riser options to improve trailer serviceability.