Dock Levelers are the gateway to plant productivity and profits. Most of your deliveries and shipments cross over them. When evaluating your loading dock, there are several upgrades options to consider to help maximize your dock leveler’s potential. Converting a mechanical leveler into a hydraulic leveler, adding a safety barrier, and replacing your dock leveler weather seal or loading dock bumpers are just a few ways to improve your current dock levelers.


  • Mechanical dock levelers have ergonomic issues associated with chain-pulling and the walking down of a leveler.
  • Support leg interference can increase mechanical leveler and fork truck maintenance.

Hydraulic Conversion Kit

  • Push button control eliminates leveler chain-pulling and walk-down.
  • Hydraulic levelers provide unrestricted full range float.
  • Hydraulic levelers provide lower average maintenance costs. 


  • Open loading docks create a dangerous situation at your facility.

Safe-T-Lip Barrier Upgrade

  • Automatically folds into position when the leveler has completed its operation and is recycled to dock level


  • Wear to a conventional lip mechanism on a mechanical leveler can cause assembly to breakdown and fail.
  • Dock leveler lips that do not extend or retract properly place personnel at risk and create a safety hazard.
  • Faulty lip control systems can cause damage to trucks and equipment. 

Hydrachek Lip Control System

  • Holds lip into the extended position and allows it to extend onto the trailer bed.
  • Automatically stores the lip after truck departure.
  • Retrofits to other manufacturer’s dock levelers. 

 Additional Dock Leveler Upgrade options include:

  • Hold-Down Upgrade – Enhance dock leveler performance without any structural alterations, minimizing leveler pop-up.
  • Dock Leveler Weatherseals – Close the gaps around your dock levelers.
  • Safe-T-Strut Support System – Exclusive through-the-lip design, solidly supports the weight of a raised leveler so technicians can work safely underneath.
  • Loading Dock Bumpers – Protect your building and your dock leveler with the proper loading dock bumper. Available in three different styles; Doksaver, Steel faced, and Laminated.