The Dock Leveler Discovery Presentation is presented by industry experts who can come to your facility to present information on the topics below.
Presentations are usually about 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.

All of the topics below are designed to educate you about the numerous
issues to be aware of when choosing a dock leveler. At the end of the
presentation, you should have a clear understanding of your leveler requirements and the different types of levelers which can address your needs.


Selecting the Right Dock Leveler

  • Your Specific Needs
  • Leveler Length
  • Leveler Width
  • Leveler Capacity


  • Vacant Dock Drop-Off Protection
  • Cross-Traffic Safety
  • Free-Fall Protection
  • Maintenance Safety

 Ease of Operation

  • Activation and Leveler Positioning
  • Full-Range Float/Stump-Out
  • Lip Extension and Retraction


  • Frequency of Required Maintenance
  • Features for Ease of Maintenance


  • Quality Construction
  • Long-Term Reliability
  • Proven Track Record

 Manufacturer’s Support

  • Selecting a Manufacturer Who Stands Behind the Equipment
  • Choosing a Dealer Who Offer Service and Support