The Industrial Door Discovery Presentation is presented by industry experts who can come to your facility to present information on the topics below.
Presentations are usually about 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.

All of the topics below are designed to educate you about the numerous
issues to be aware of when choosing an industrial door. At the end of the
presentation, you should have a clear understanding of your door requirements and the different types of doors which can address your needs.


Importance of Industrial Doors to a Facility’s Operation

Environmental Control Issues

  • Environmental Separation
  • Sealing of Various Door Types
  • Speed of Door Operation
  • Security
  • Quality Control

 Efficiency Requirements

  • Passage Time
  • Cycle Usage
  • Traffic Flow
  • Employee Productivity 

 Durability Demands

  • Performance
  • Impactability
  • Maintenance Needs
  • Service Support

 Importance of Safety

  • Traffic at Opening
  • Visibility Needs
  • Accidents, Accidents, Accidents


  • Traffic
  • Equipment
  • Physical Opening Characteristics
  • Types of Activation 


  • Innovative Products
  • Satisfaction Guarantees
  • Global Representative Network
  • Field Service Capabilities