Injuries to workers who are struck or crushed by commercial overhead doors are always a concern in industrial workplaces. Fortunately, injuries from overhead doors and roll up doors can be avoided. At Johnson Equipment, safety is a core value that drives our passion for providing comprehensive safety training presentations that include practical and actionable steps to improve the safety of your loading dock and help your company comply with the latest industry safety standards and regulations.

Overhead Door Safety Presentation Topics

Johnson Equipment’s industry experts are available to visit your facility for a presentation on overhead door safety. Presentations are usually about 45 minutes to 1 hour in length. Topics include:
  • What is the Current Condition of Your Doors?
  • Why is Your Industrial Door Choice Important?
  • Door Accident Types
    • Downward
    • Lateral
    • Secondary
    • Entrapment
  • Variety of Options Create Many Variables
  • The Challenge: Provide the Best Solutions with the Safest Door Available
    • How Does that Happen?
    • Safety Issues to Consider
    • Use Activation to Your Advantage
  • Industrial Door Product Solutions
    • High Speed Roll-up Door Advances
    • Bi-Parting Door Advantages
    • Breakthrough Loading Dock Doors

Overhead Door Safety Information

Overhead Door Safety Requirements

As the industry evolves, overhead door safety requirements change. Johnson Equipment stays on top of the latest requirements and industry trends. We’re here to help your company comply with the latest regulations and, most importantly, safeguard your business’s most important asset—your people. One of the most common regulations business have to consider is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA Overhead Door Safety Requirements

Overhead door systems are subject to OSHA compliance standards. OSHA requires that workplaces are free from recognized hazards that could cause death or serious harm. Our safety presentation will help your company keep workers safe and meet these standards.

Roll Up Door Safety

Industrial roll up doors are a common concern because they are often heavier than residential doors and may not be equipped to auto-reverse when they come in contact with an object or person. The components of a roll up door are also an issue because they are under a great deal of tension. While preventative maintenance can help in avoiding these issues, the constant tension of the cables and springs of a roll up door still pose a danger to workers. Our expert team is always available to address these issues and more. Contact us with your questions and to schedule an overhead door safety presentation for your company.