The Vehicle Restraint Discovery Presentation is presented by industry experts who can come to your facility to present information on the topics below. Presentations are usually about 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.

All of the topics below are designed to educate you about the numerous issues to be aware of when choosing a vehicle restraint. At the end of the presentation, you should have a clear understanding of your vehicle restraint requirements and the different types of restraints which can address your needs.


Discovering Your Needs: Selecting the Right Vehicle Restraint

Your Specific Needs

  • Trailer Types
  • Dock Layout
  • Loading Practices
  • Other Factors

Trailer Creep

  • All Restraint Types Generally Effective
  • Below Dock End loads
  • Dock Walk

Early Departure

  • Gradual vs. Aggressive Pullouts
  • How Vertical Barrier Restraints Work
  • How Rotating Hook Restraints Work
  • How Wheel Restraints Work
  • Damaged RIGs from Pullout Attempts

Trailer Tip-over

  • Landing Gear Failure
  • Trailer Up-Ending
  • Struck by Adjacent Trailer
  • Trailer Jacks Recommended


  • Communication System Components
  • Safe Engagement
  • Unsafe Condition Alert
  • Loss of Engagement
  • Below Dock End loads

Other Important Considerations

  • Positioning
  • Storing Position
  • Maintenance
  • Performance History
  • Manufacturer and Dealer Support