Vehicle Restraint Discovery

The Vehicle Restraint Discovery Presentation is presented by industry experts who can come to your facility to present information on the topics below. Presentations are usually about 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.

All of the topics below are designed to educate you about the numerous issues to be aware of when choosing a vehicle restraint. At the end of the presentation, you should have a clear understanding of your vehicle restraint requirements and the different types of restraints which can address your needs.


Discovering Your Needs: Selecting the Right Vehicle Restraint

Your Specific Needs

  • Trailer Types
  • Dock Layout
  • Loading Practices
  • Other Factors

Trailer Creep

  • All Restraint Types Generally Effective
  • Below Dock End loads
  • Dock Walk

Early Departure

  • Gradual vs. Aggressive Pullouts
  • How Vertical Barrier Restraints Work
  • How Rotating Hook Restraints Work
  • How Wheel Restraints Work
  • Damaged RIGs from Pullout Attempts

Trailer Tip-over

  • Landing Gear Failure
  • Trailer Up-Ending
  • Struck by Adjacent Trailer
  • Trailer Jacks Recommended


  • Communication System Components
  • Safe Engagement
  • Unsafe Condition Alert
  • Loss of Engagement
  • Below Dock End loads

Other Important Considerations

  • Positioning
  • Storing Position
  • Maintenance
  • Performance History
  • Manufacturer and Dealer Support