Memphis Dock Equipment

For a specialist in Memphis dock equipment who can really fit your business needs, Johnson Equipment is available to serve. For over 50 years, we have provided exceptional dock equipment in Memphis, TN and across the country.

Though technology may have changed over the years, our motto has stayed the same: We supply the safest, most reliable dock and overhead door products available on the market, and backed by an unequaled service.

Products we offer:

Just a small sampling of the Memphis dock equipment that we offer includes:

  • Dock levelers: Reduce wear and tear on your forklifts, reduce the risk of damaged product, and, most importantly, keep your employees safe and injury-free.

  • Safety equipment: This is somewhat of a broad area, but some of these products include our Memphis dock bumpers to keep equipment safe and minimize the damage caused by the impact of a trailer. Also included would be barrier systems, which come in a wide range of options.

  • Overhead doors: These products fit a variety of applications, from heavy duty security doors to high speed doors with the ability for full impact. 

  • Dock seals: We offer Memphis dock seals to help maximize energy efficiency in areas that are heated or cooled. Additionally, these seals help keep the work area free of debris and pests. 

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  • strong>Conversions: If you would like to enjoy the benefits of some of our products, but it isn’t in your company’s budget to fully replace your existing equipment, ask about the conversion kits we can provide for you. While some may not offer all the benefits of a new piece of dock equipment in Memphis, TN, all will certainly increase your current efficiency level significantly.

Where to start?

With knowledge and experience on your side, plus our close relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers, you will be able to improve your dock equipment and overhead door solutions. We have local representatives who are able to survey your current loading dock application and discuss the individual needs of your company to determine which of our Memphis dock equipment will best suit you. To get started, contact Johnson Equipment today. We’re ready to assist you!