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Protect Personnel and Equipment
The four foot drop off at a loading dock can be a very dangerous area in a warehouse.  In fact, 26 workers were killed at the loading dock in the last 2 years while countless more have been injured or have had near misses.  This is an unfortunate reality but Johnson Equipment is proud to announce a product that protects your workers from the threat of a fall off accident at the loading dock.  Introducing the Dok Guardian barrier system.  The Dok Guardian is a highly visible, retractable barrier that is installed in front of the door opening and is rated to stop a 10,000 pound fork lift traveling 4-5 miles per hour.  While the Dok Guardian gives the added bonus of overhead door protection and security from outsiders, its main purpose is safety.  Ask your professional why thousands of customers have chosen to protect their employees with the Dok Guardian. 

Dok-Guardian Safety Barriers were originally designed to protect personnel and material handling equipment from vacant loading dock drop-off. More recently these barriers have been used inside facilities to separate production areas or other spaces where limited access was required. Available in a Heavy Duty.

Designed to stop 10,000 lbs. at 4 mph or Light Duty, Designed to stop 1,000 lbs. at 4 mph.