Rite-Hite Door Deputy Features & Repair

Reduce door maintenance and increase safety and productivity at your plant with a Rite-Hite Door Deputy system.


Features of the Door Deputy

  • Secures sectional doors
  • Prevents drift into door opening
  • Lowers long term maintenance costs
  • Improves door security
  • Increases in-plant energy efficiency
  • Easily retrofitted to an existing sectional door track
  • Can be installed for either right- or left-side applications
  • Quick-Flex™ handle for easy manual operation
  • 2-1⁄2 times stronger than conventional slide locks

Door Deputy Repair

As with many retrofit solutions, the Door Deputy System may require occasional repair and maintenance. At Johnson Equipment our technical reps are familiar with the Door Deputy. We can quickly assess and resolve any issues or replace your system as needed.

Get in touch with a local rep today to get your Door Deputy repaired, or learn about the Door Deputy and Johnson Equipment’s wide range of loading dock, in-plant safety and energy efficiency solutions.

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    How the Door Deputy Works

    The automatic Door Deputy System is made up of two main components: the hold-open anti-sag system and the lockdown security system.

    The hold-open system helps to keep sectional doors from blocking the door opening, while the lockdown system ensures that the sectional door remains in its closed position.

    When the sectional door is completely open, the hold-open system is automatically engaged and stays locked until the door needs to be closed. The hold-open system keeps the sectional door out of the way of vehicles and workers at the loading dock.

    When the release cord is pulled, the Door Deputy is activated and the door is released. The door is now free to travel downward. As the sectional door travels to the closed position, the lockdown security system automatically locks the door to help prevent intruders from entering your facility. The Door Deputy System also creates a weather resistant seal between the dock leveler and the door.

    Have questions? Contact us to learn more about the Door Deputy and the other in-plant security and energy efficiency solutions offered by Johnson Equipment.