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Frommelt TP II Dock Seals are constructed with durable foam side pads that cushion an incoming truck and provide the tightest seal possible between the truck and the loading dock. Plus, standard Firefighter™ Header Protection prevents the risk of burning from trailer marker lights.

Features include:

  • Firefighter protection – Ultra durable head pad or head curtain design features heat-dissipating, triple-layer foil construction between fabric layers, eliminating the risk of burning from trailer marker lights. Friction-resistant Durathon™ fabric face provides ultimate protection against wear.
  • Rugged ArmorPleats™ – Available on full length of side pads, ArmorPleats provide additional abrasion protection to extend the life of the dock seal. Available in high-strength, friction-resistant Durathon fabric for greatest resistance to wear.
  • Galvanized TechSteel backers – All-weather steel backers ensure long life and ultimate durability. Treated wood backers are also available.
  • Custom-fit design – All Frommelt dock seals are custom-manufactured to fit the specifics of your dock and the trailer traffic you receive to ensure the most efficient seal possible.
  • 12-month money-back guarantee – Built to Frommelt’s high standard for quality and performance, TPP and TPC Dock Seals are backed by a full money-back guarantee of customer satisfaction (with proper application and installation).

Option for the TPP/TPC Dock Seals – The new, totally redesigned RainGuard™ RG-3000 rain diverting header seal provides expanded coverage range, greater durability, and better sealing against water on your docks than any other sealing system available.

More Energy Savings at your Dock – Check out the PitMaster™ Under-leveler Seal to shave hundreds of dollars per year per dock position off your facility’s heating or cooling costs, while also preventing infiltration of dirt, debris and insects into your building and eliminating white space. 

Contact your Rite-Hite Representative for a free, customized energy loss analysis.