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Designed uniquely for the Rite-Hite® RHV Vertical Storing Hydraulic Leveler, the VHLS seal by Frommelt provides a snug seal against the pit floor when the leveler is in use. VHLS components work together to save energy and maintain pit cleanliness.

Features include:

  • Helps control energy loss – Seals open gaps beneath leveler when dock door is open, helping prevent loss of heating or cooling energy from the building.
  • Promotes facility cleanliness – Helps prevent infiltration of dust, debris and insects into building while trailers are being loaded or unloaded.
  • Unique collapsible curtain design – Durable, insulated fabric curtain with compressible foam supports provides reliable seal with every use.
  • Compatible with drive-through dock design – Allows trailer doors to be opened and closed freely inside dock for security purposes.
  • Optional components – End seals, lip corner seals and filler pads help eliminate small air gaps and white space that exist at corners of leveler.
  • Simple installation – Seal applies quickly and easily and requires no maintenance. Parts easily replaced if worn or damaged.
  • 12-month money-back guarantee – Built to Frommelt’s high standards for quality and performance, all VHLS Seals are backed by a full 12-month, money-back guarantee of customer satisfaction.

More Energy Savings at your Dock – Check out the Eliminator™-GapMaster™ hinge-gap sealing shelter and PitMaster under-leveler seal, to shave hundreds of dollars per year per dock position off your facility’s heating or cooling costs.

Contact Your Rite-Hite Representative for more information.