• Lowers lifetime maintenance cost
  • Retrofits to most rolling steel doors
  • 18", 36", 54" heights available
  • Widths up to 16' 6"
  • Two-ply belting material withstands fork truck abuse
  • Flexible bottom angle
  • Flexible windbars for 36" (1), and 54" (2) height curtains.
  • If driven through, can typically be reset with minimal effort.
  • Options:
    • Gap-Sealr®
    • Safety striping
    • Bottom locking latches


Door Weatherseals

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What’s the harm in a few little gaps? Plenty! Energy efficient weather seals by Johnson Equipment will reduce your heating and cooling costs, and in many cases, will pay for themselves in four months or less. Our leveler and door weather seal products are specially designed to close all the gaps at your dock.

Ask about Johnson Equipment’s FREE Energy Loss Analysis.

Gap-Sealr Bottom Door Seal

  • Seals uneven surfaces between leveler and sectional door
  • Made from closed cell foam and wrapped in Hypalon®


  • Fills the gap between leveler, dock pit wall and bottom edge of sectional door


Rite-Hite Door Deputy Features & Repair

Reduce door maintenance and increase safety and productivity at your plant with a Rite-Hite Door Deputy system.


Features of the Door Deputy

  • Secures sectional doors
  • Prevents drift into door opening
  • Lowers long term maintenance costs
  • Improves door security
  • Increases in-plant energy efficiency
  • Easily retrofitted to an existing sectional door track
  • Can be installed for either right- or left-side applications
  • Quick-Flex™ handle for easy manual operation
  • 2-1⁄2 times stronger than conventional slide locks

Door Deputy Repair

As with many retrofit solutions, the Door Deputy System may require occasional repair and maintenance. At Johnson Equipment our technical reps are familiar with the Door Deputy. We can quickly assess and resolve any issues or replace your system as needed.

Get in touch with a local rep today to get your Door Deputy repaired, or learn about the Door Deputy and Johnson Equipment’s wide range of loading dock, in-plant safety and energy efficiency solutions.

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How the Door Deputy Works

The automatic Door Deputy System is made up of two main components: the hold-open anti-sag system and the lockdown security system.

The hold-open system helps to keep sectional doors from blocking the door opening, while the lockdown system ensures that the sectional door remains in its closed position.

When the sectional door is completely open, the hold-open system is automatically engaged and stays locked until the door needs to be closed. The hold-open system keeps the sectional door out of the way of vehicles and workers at the loading dock.

When the release cord is pulled, the Door Deputy is activated and the door is released. The door is now free to travel downward. As the sectional door travels to the closed position, the lockdown security system automatically locks the door to help prevent intruders from entering your facility. The Door Deputy System also creates a weather resistant seal between the dock leveler and the door.

Have questions? Contact us to learn more about the Door Deputy and the other in-plant security and energy efficiency solutions offered by Johnson Equipment.

GX4000 Panel

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Sectional door panels that are not repaired are a source of energy loss and increased maintenance costs. You can reduce your energy and maintenance costs by replacing your damaged bottom sectional door panels with the GX-4000 Universal Replacement Panel.

Fits Most Doors The GX-4000 is an interlocking modular panel that can be retrofitted to most existing sectional doors up to 12'2' in length. The GX-4000 can be used to replace bottom, intermediate, or top panels of various heights.

Unique Design Made from a vinyl material, the GX-4000 has a unique design and integral support system which gives it an optimum combination of flexibility and rigidity. The GX-4000 has excellent memory and will not take a set as conventional door sections when impacted by a fork truck.

Standard Heights Panel heights can be 21", 24" or 27" for standard section replacements. These panels will consist of 4 or 5 modular sections that are 3" or 6" high, which quickly slide together to make a complete panel to fit the width of your door. The panel is heavier than a standard door section and can be ordered with windows.

Easy Installation Installation of the GX-4000 can be completed with common hand tools and existing hardware.

Replace Modular Sections Easily Once installed, if a modular section gets damaged, simply replace the damaged section with a new one.

Additional Options for the GX-4000 New Universal GX-4000 Ventilation & Day-Lite Translucent Slats allow air and light to enter the dock area

Retrofitable to most existing sectional doors, the Universal GX-4000 Ventilation Panel's stainless steel screen is fully enclosed in a white powder coated steel frame. The 6" high acrylic Translucent Slats allow natural light into the dock area

The GX-4000 Ventilation panel is available in screen heights of 12 or 18 inches high. To keep the elements out of the loading dock, the 1/8-inch thick white or clear ABS cover provides complete screen perimeter sealing and comes complete with piano-style hinge

Two screen sizes available: .020" and .010" diameter.

Double-High Universal GX-4000 Bottom Panels

  • Double-high bottom panels provide an impactable door where it is needed
  • Better long-term solution than replacing with standard conventional bottom sections
  • More economical solution than complete breakaway style door
  • Consider this design when replacing complete doors or installing new doors

Need a full door? The Rite-Flex Sectional Door is constructed of GX-4000 panels from top to bottom.



Keep Doors and Productivity on Track

Guard against getting hit with expensive door repairs.

When a 10,000 lb. fork truck damages your doors, your whole company suffers the impact– downtime, repair costs and diminished productivity. In the case of exterior openings, energy loss, rodent infiltration, reduced employee comfort and security are additional concerns. Defend yourself with Warden Series Door Guards. For about the cost of one repair, Warden Door Guards offer permanent protection.

  • Cover every angle.
    Conventional pipe bollards don’t always provide full protection for sectional door tracks and power door side frame assemblies. Fork tips, pallets and loads can easily slip past a bollard and cause damage.
  • Station a guard around vulnerable components.
    The Warden Series provide wrap-around protection to deflect front and side impacts, while a wide foot-print spreads collision forces.
  • Help minimize back injury.
    When sectional door tracks are damaged, the added force required to lift the doors can cause back injuries. With the Warden Series Door Guards in place, this threat is greatly minimized.
  • Fit new and existing doors.
    Help protect your investment of new or existing doors by installing Warden Series guards and begin saving on repairs immediately. There’s a Warden to watch over virtually every style door.

The swing-open design of some conventional power door side frames dictates that bollards be placed a considerable distance from the side frame. While protected from straight-on collisions, side frames remain at risk from side impacts.

Loading dock sectional door tracks are especially vulnerable to frequent damage. Pipe bollards cannot completely protect against the traffic and high activity typical of the loading dock environment.

Warden PR

Designed to fit Protecdor.,®FasTrax™ FR and FasTrax™Doors with I-Zone™ System.

  • Stationary profile provides wrap-around protection
  • Withstands the impact of a 10,000 lb. fork truck at 3-4 mph
  • 3" clearance for photo-eyes
  • Impact zone – 1/4" double-wall steel construction
  • 5/8" steel mounting foot plate drilled for six Powers Rawl® Power-Bolt® anchors
  • Wall flange drilled for four 1/2" anchors
  • 13 1/2" projection from wall
  • 40" high for maximum protection

Warden TR

Designed specifically for sectional doors and FasTrax™ Industrial Power Doors.

  • Formerly known as Trak-Guard™ 
  • Wraps around track but does not interfere with door operation
  • Withstands the impact of a 10,000 lb. fork truck at 3-4 mph
  • 45° angle flange adds strength, protects from side impact
  • 7-gauge steel construction.
  • 1/4" foot plate drilled for three 1/2" Powers Rawl® Power-Bolt® anchors
  • Wall flange drilled for four 3/8" anchors
  • 7" projection from wall
  • Available 2', 3' and 4' tall sections
  • 2" optional pre-drilled steel wall blockout

Warden ST

Designed to fit Safe-T-SprintTMBi-Roll Power Doors.

  • Stationary profile provides wrap-around protection
  • Withstands the impact of a 10,000 lb. fork truck at 3-4 mph
  • 3" clearance for photo-eyes
  • Impact zone – 1/4" double-wall steel construction
  • 5/8" steel mounting foot plate drilled for six 3/4" Powers Rawl® Power-Bolt® anchors
  • Wall flange drilled for four 1/2" anchors
  • 19" projection from wall
  • 40" high for maximum protection

Warden TL

Designed to fit TraklineTM Roll and Power Doors.

  • Stationary profile provides wrap-around protection
  • Withstands the impact of a 10,000 lb. fork truck at 3-4 mph
  • 7-gauge steel construction
  • 1/4" steel mounting foot plate drilled for three 1/2" Powers Rawl® Power-Bolt® anchors
  • Wall flange drilled for five 1/2" anchors
  • Side holes allow access to side frames
  • 48” high for maximum protection

Kicker Guard

  • 1/4" steel construction drilled for two 1/2" Powers Rawl® Power-Bolt® anchors
  • Protects belt tensioner guide
  • 4 1/2" high