LED Lighting

Johnson Equipment will provide a "Turn Key" solution to your facility's lighting needs with a LED lighting upgrade. We will provide a construction grade audit that will include all your fixture types and it's current energy consumption. Then we will propose converting your lighting through new fixtures or retrofitting your existing fixtures to LED. This proposal will includes material, taxes, labor, lamp disposal and any applicable permits. It will also state your annual energy savings, utility incentives if available and your return on investment.


Mckeon Doors

The automatic resetting Safescape® T5000 Series Fire Door Systems, with built-in emergency egress are vertical acting, coiling fire doors and are available with multiple swinging type egress doors.

System Advantages:
• T5000 Series Fire Door Systems utilize the Auto-Set® system and therefore are automatically tested and reset.
• The T5000 Series Fire Door Systems offer design flexibility by allowing the design professional to visually open up an area.
• The T5000 Series Fire Door Systems can be used in areas of high occupancy load requirements typically exceeding up to or over 3,000 persons.
• The T5000 Series Fire Door Systems require a minimum amount of side room. They require approximately 9 feet of headroom.
• The T5000 Series Fire Door Systems are completely undetectable when in the stored fire ready position and require no electricity or battery back-up systems when they are activated in the self-closing fire condition mode.

Design Alternatives:
The T5000 Series Fire Door Systems eliminate conventional construction which can vastly reduce the desired form, function and appearance of the opening by installing multiple swinging doors and mullions.

The T5000 Series Fire Door Systems are generally used in high occupancy applications such as convention centers, casinos, arenas, sports centers and museums. The intent is to allow for large spaces or areas to remain open and clear for ease of circulation and aesthetical desires.

The AC8000 Series is comprised of seven accordion folding fire door system variations. The AC8000 Series is available in both manual and motor operated versions and they are available with and without emergency egress doors. These units are available with either 7" panels for a 9" pocket width requirement or with 14" panels for a 16" pocket width requirement.

System Advantages:
• The AC8000 Series Accordion Fire Door Systems are easy to test and can be automatically reset. • The AC8000 Series Accordion Fire Door Systems require only 6" of head room and can be designed as bi-parting fire door systems.
• The AC8000 Series Accordion Fire Door Systems are completely undetectable when in the stored fire ready position.
• The AC8000 Series Fire Door Systems do not require floor tracks.
• The AC8000 Series Fire Door Systems can navigate around contoured openings.
Without egress doors they can navigate around a radius as small as 1'-6". With egress doors they require a 5'-0" radius.

Design Alternatives:
The AC8000 Series Accordion Fire Door Systems eliminate the need for conventional construction which utilized unsightly permanent door frames and swinging doors. The conventional method reduces opening size and obstructs desired sight lines.

The AC8400, AC8500, AC8700, AC8800 and AC8900 Fire Door Systems are ideal for any application where fire protection and emergency egress is needed and conventional swinging doors would not provide an adequate and desirable solution. The AC8200 and AC8600 are ideal for any application where just fire protection is required and egress is not an issue.

Ideal applications are:
Cross-corridor situations in schools and hospitals as well as area separations. They are ideal solutions for fire protection in area separation walls, occupancy separations, elevator lobby and corridor separations. The AC8000 Series Fire Door Systems have become increasingly designed into casinos, museums and retail areas.

The H200 is a horizontal coiling fire & smoke rated shutter. It is a motor operated system which is designed and manufactured as a fail-safe unit utilizing the Auto-Set® operator. The unit is driven to the closed position by our patented self-closing mechanism, much like our S9000 and S4000 models. The H200 has been tested and approved by UL and ITS. The H200 is also available with a smoke and draft rating and has been tested under UL 1784
System Advantages:
The H200 is of a compact design and offers design professionals the flexibility of using one horizontal fire and smoke rated shutter in lieu of several conventional roll down fire doors to protect horizontal fire penetrations in a facility.

Design Alternatives:
The H200 is used to reduce smoke evacuation costs and costs related to deluge systems. It can also be used to eliminate multiple vertical acting fire doors which can be unsightly due to the position of vertical columns and mullions.

The H200 is ideal for closing off penetrations in ceilings for atrium conditions as well as convenience stairways, escalator enclosures and skylights.

The automatic resetting S4000 Fire Door Systems are side coiling fire doors that are UL classified for up to 3 hours. The S4000 Fire Door Systems are side activated which allow the doors to navigate around curves and contoured openings.

System Advantages:
• The S4000 Fire Door Systems are easy to test and automatically reset.
• The S4000 Fie Door Systems require only 6" of headroom and can be designed as bi-parting fire door systems.
• The S4000 Fire Door Systems do not require electricity or battery back-up systems when they are activated in the self-closing fire condition mode.
• S4000 Fire Door Systems are available without floor tracks.

Design Alternatives:
The S4000 Fire Door Systems can be used when a conventional Auto-SetTM Fire Door does not provide a solution due to headroom restrictions or at separations where the ability to navigate around contoured openings and tight curves is a requirement.


Traffic and impact

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Traffic and impact doors are ideal for high traffic openings when the budget will not allow for a high speed door. The low maintenance design takes a hit over and over from pedestrians, push carts, pallet jacks, and/or fork lifts.  Bumper options and windows in addition to various models will help you and your sales professional customize your door for the application

Drawings - Architectural
Manual - Owner's Manual
Specifications - Architectural


2-Page 2600 Impact Door Brochure/Spec Sheet(pdf)

 2-Page 4800 Ram Rite Sell/Spec Sheet (pdf)



Dock, Warehouse & Loading Ramp Equipment

Dock boards, dock plates, yard ramps & edge of dock levelers are in effect bridges. These have been Bluff Manufacturing's product line for many years. Dock Boards and dock plates that span the gap between a building or dock and a truckbed. Over the years the product line has been expanded and the offering is now a very sophisticated list of both general and special use dock boards and dock plates.


In the mid 90s we entered the yard ramp market with what has become the standard all others try to match. Our mobile loading ramps can be found in every industry and in every market from agriculture to military, from building trades to distribution. They give our customers the safest most productive loading / unloading tool on the market.


A few years ago, we added our Crash-Guard line of warehouse safety products. We believe it is the toughest best built protective railing available in the US today. We know our Powder coat finish not only starts looking great but maintains that look for many years to alert drivers and operators and enhance the appearance of our customers operation.




yard ramps

Yard Ramps

When you do not have a truck high dock, or have more trucks to load than available docks, a Yard Ramp can be used to load trucks from ground level. Yard ramps are portable, and can be towed with a forklift. A hydraulic pump makes adjusting the height of the Yard Ramp easy.

dock boards

Dock Boards and Dock Plates

Dock Boards bridge the gap between the truck and the dock, allowing for the safe loading of trucks. Made of strong but lightweight aluminum, or heavy duty steel for the heaviest loads. Capacities range from 6,000 to 40,000 lbs.

dock levelers

Dock Levelers

A high use dock that does not have a "pit dock leveler" is a perfect cantidate for a Bluff Edge-of-Dock Leveler. Our spring assist and well-balanced unit makes this "user friendly" for even the lightest operator. LTL or truck loads go much faster with a Bluff "EP" (Easy Pull).

wheel risers

Wheel Risers

Wheel Risers allow trailers to be positioned properly above dock for more efficient loading. Widths of 18" and 24". Lengths to accommodate both single, dual, or tandem axle trailers. Wheel Risers can be portable or permanently positioned. Custom sizes available.

walk ramps

Walk Ramps

Light weight aluminum construction yet designed to carry "working loads" moved by hand truck or pallet jack. These walk ramps are produced by our sister company Magliner and are the industy standard. Standard lengths run from 3' to 16'and two widths of 29" or 39".

warehouse safety products

Warehouse Safety Products

These products consist of the Crash-Guard protective railing, the MPB (Modular Protective Barrier), Rack Guard, Post Protector, Door Track Protector and Bollard. All BARRIERS.

dock and warehouse products

Additional Products

Curb Ramps  Fracking Ramps Mezzanines
Slab Handling Equipment Cantilever Racks  


Aluminum Dock Boards

Aluminum Dock Boards are ideal for low to medium volume dock loading applications. Dock Boards are for use with forklifts and pallet jacks. A lightweight alternative to steel dock boards, aluminum dockboards are available in capacities ranging from 10,000 lbs to 15,000 lbs.

All Aluminum Welded Truck Dock Board (ATD)

  • All welded aluminum construction
  • Capacities of 10,000 and 15,0000 pounds
  • Tread plate thickness of 3/8” or 1/2” aluminum
  • Lengths ranging from 36 to 72 inches
  • Locking legs in lengths from 8-13 inches

This all aluminum, fully welded truck dock board is our innovative “Lightweight” alternative to the heavy duty steel dock board. The ATD is designed for lightweight duty in low to medium volume dock loading applications with a forklift or pallet jack. Both capacity ATDs are constructed of aluminum tread plates with welded aluminum extruded curbs and legs. Customization options includes locks, lift chains, lip lengths and bend angles.

Aluminum Dock Board (AC-BC)

  • Full-length structural steel bolt-on curbs
  • Capacities from 10,000 to 15,000 pounds
  • Manufactured and Tested in Compliance with ANSI Standard MH30.2

Steel curbs are bolted to the aluminum diamond pattern plate for increased strength, and to help prevent runoff. Locking legs provide secure positioning. Lip bend is 11 inches. Standard lip length for conventional trailers is 11", option of 14" for refrigerated applications. Widths from 54" to 72", and lengths from 36" to 96".

Options for Bolt-On Curb Dock Boards

Ez-Roll - Dock Board Accessories

  • One person dock board positioning without the use of a forklift
  • Telescoping/self-storing handles

EZ Roll Handles/Attachment Installation and Operating Instructions

Dock Board Lifting Chains

Allows for use of a forklift in dock board placement

Mini Ramps

The one that started it all, the Bluff Yard Ramp, has a new little brother.

Don’t interpret incorrectly thinking that small means "not as tough". There are a world of applications that have a target height that is one-half or less of normal dock height. When your high side is 33" or less you might consider this economical solution

With the optional mobility package the Mini Ramp does not need the hydraulic actuated undercarriage to move it to the work. Two screw jacks with rigid steel casters are mounted at the balance point and a couple of people can move it on a hard surface. Floor plate approach both top and bottom insure a long life on the grating whether you are using manual equipment or forklift trucks.

Capacities start at 12,000 lbs and go up from there. Widths of 70" & 84" and lengths starting at 15'. Call for special sizes and capacities.

Features for Mini Loading Ramps

  • Curb design same as Full Size Ramp
  • 8" of curb above drive surface
  • Steel Diamond Deck Approach Plates (top & bottom)
  • Serrated steel grating for traction & self cleaning
  • Capacities from 12,000 lbs to 60,000 lbs

Options for Mini Loading Ramps

Mobility package – use the wheels to move the ramp into position. The hand cranks rotate 90 degrees and self store. 

Mini Ramp Unloading Instructions


Steel Yard Ramps (SYS)

Portable Steel Yard Ramps, also known as Mobile Loading Dock Ramps make unloading trucks and railcars easy. Quickly unload freight where no dock access exists. Portable Yard Ramps facilitate unloading safely and efficiently. Dock access is no longer a problem when a portable yard ramp is available.

Portable Steel Yard Ramp Highlights

  • All steel welded construction
  • Capacities from 16,000 to 60,000 pounds
  • Wide range of capacities and sizes available
  • Solid rubber tires standard, pneumatic tires optional
  • Steel serrated grating
  • Double-action hydraulic pump

The yard ramp is simply moved into position at trailers, railcars, or docks. The operator utilizes a self-contained, double-acting hydraulic pump to adjust the unit to the proper position. In minutes you are ready to load or unload freight. Solid 18" rubber tires provide easy positioning and towing. Open serrated steel grating provides excellent traction while preventing build-up of snow, water, and other debris. Beveled approach provides a smooth transition.

For truck or railcar to ground applications choose a 36' yard ramp including a level off. Choose a 30' straight yard ramp design for quick loading from dock to ground.

High strength steel yard ramps make even the toughest unloading jobs easy!

Portable Steel Yard Ramp Manual

Yard Ramp Features

Hydraulic Pump


Two hydraulic cylinders

The hydraulic system allows for smooth and quick raising of the front lip of the yard ramp to the proper dock or trailer height. Simply open the release valve to safely lower the unit into position. The pump is mounted internally to protect it from accidental damage.

Enerpac Hydraulic Oil 1507 can be purchased at:

Hydraulic Service & Supply Part # HF101

Undercarriage Assembly

  • Tubular steel box undercarriage assembly
  • 18" solid rubber pneumatic profile tires

Heavy-duty wheels and solid rubber, pneumatic profile tires make positioning yard ramps easy. For stationary dock installations, standard Yard ramps are available in 30' and 36' lengths without wheel assemblies.

Offloading Cover Pages

Ramp Clamp

The optional ramp clamp assists operator in moving yard ramps over short distances. Forklift tine inserts into the swiveling lift loop and is secured by a locking device.


  • Serrated for Traction
  • Self-Cleaning

Serrated grating provides excellent traction and the open design prevents buildup of water, snow, oil, grease and miscellaneous debris. The lower end approach plate provides maximum support and smooth transition onto the ramp grating surface.


  • Heavy-duty formed steel side girders provide main load-bearing capability
  • Steel side girders welded to steel Z members form a superior frame

Multiple Z cross members are welded to the side girders, then self-cleaning steel grating is welded to the Z members to form a one-piece unitized yard ramp.

Safety Chain

Standard safety chains hold yard ramps securely to the trailer or dock.

Tow Bar

The optional towbar features a fast-locking, easy hook-up to yard ramps and makes towing over long distances practical. A quick disconnect feature improves handling efficiency.

Portable Loading Docks / Mobile Dock Platforms

Portable Loading Docks also known as Mobile Dock Platforms allow a forklift to make 90 degree turn into a truck and/or boxcar. Used primarily where space will not allow a standard Yard Ramp to be used. 

Place a Bluff Portable Loading Dock in front of any dock or railcar door and you will be able to serve three loading/unloading positions at the same time. Portable Dock affords 90 degree turnability for safe forklift maneuvering. Portable Dock is a fast, economical way to expand your dock area and increase freight handling capabilities without the expense of site or concrete work. 

Portable Docks can easily be relocated to other areas of your yard where a free-standing loading dock may be needed. This means more trucks or railcars can be serviced while freeing up other critical
dock doors. For remote areas, Portable Loading Docks along with a Bluff Yard Ramp can serve as a satellite unloading area.

Optional adjustable, telescoping legs of 44" and 55" allow elevations to meet most dock height requirements.

Machine Guards

Improve plant safety and efficiency with Crash Guard by reducing the costs associated with employee injury, machinery down time, insurance claims, and building repairs due to accidental collisions.

Machine Guard (MG)

Machine Guards provides superior protection for your facility & machinery from costly forklift damage.

Fully Welded Unit

  • Creates barriers between traffic areas and valuable machinery.
  • Height protection available in 10", 24", and 42" sizes.
  • 4" square steel tubing comes with ½"x 8"x 8" base plates.
  • 5" square steel tubing comes with ½"x10"x 10" base plates
  • Provides for a quick and easy installation
  • Durable Powder coat finish available in 6 standard colors
  • 5 additional colors at no extra cost
  • Custom colors quoted upon request.

ITEM             ITEM DESCRIPTION                                  WEIGHT

MG43610      MACHINE GUARD 4" X 36" X 10"             74

MG43624      MACHINE GUARD 4" X 36" X 24"           102

MG43642      MACHINE GUARD 4" X 36" X 42"           138

MG44810      MACHINE GUARD 4" X 48" X 10"             85

MG44824      MACHINE GUARD 4" X 48" X 24"            114

MG44842      MACHINE GUARD 4" X 48" X 42"            150

MG53610      MACHINE GUARD 5" X 36" X 10"              81

MG53624      MACHINE GUARD 5" X 36" X 24"            117

MG53642      MACHINE GUARD 5" X 36" X 42"            128

MG54810      MACHINE GUARD 5" X 48" X 10"              97

MG54824      MACHINE GUARD 5" X 48" X 24"            133

MG54842      MACHINE GUARD 5" X 48" X 42"            180

Plant and Warehouse Safety Products

Door Track Protector

  • Chamfered edge reduces risk of hand injury when lowering door
  • Wrap-around track design allows for free door operation
  • Projects 7" from wall
  • Anchors to both wall and floor
  • Columns are 3/16" thick steel
  • Base plate is 3/8” thick steel with three 5/8” holes (fastners not included)

Protects overhead door tracks from damage, reducing overall maintenance costs.


  • 6" I. D. sch 40 pipe
  • 42" high
  • 10" x 10" x 5/8" base
  • Black Plastic Cap Standard, Welded dome top optional
  • 3/4" mount holes
  • 5/8" anchors provided
  • Protect personnel and machinery with Crash Guard bollards. Simply bolt into position, no concrete work required.

Post Protectors

  • Various thickness protections available in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2"
  • Height protection available in 12", 18", and 24"
  • Standard models fit around rack posts up to 4" wide
  • Base plates have four 9/16" mounting holes (fasteners not included)
  • Safety yellow enamel over gray primer coat
  • Boxed for shipping protection

Before your rack and stored items crash on the floor, protect them with the best rack protection your money can buy.