Door Safety Solutions

Over 17,000 non-fatal door-related workplace accidents are reported each year. The best way to reduce these types of injuries in your warehouse is through employee safety training presentations, upgrades to loading dock and pedestrian doors, and consistent repair and maintenance for existing industrial doors.

Safety Products

FasTrax High Speed Door

Considered one of the industry’s safest doors, the FasTrax door features a soft-edge, and optional motion detection technology.
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RiteFlex Loading Dock Door

The RiteFlex door features impact resistant panels and translucent acrylic slats to improve in-plant lighting and increase safety. Learn more.

T5000 Fire Door

This product is ideal for high-traffic areas and large buildings where pedestrian doors will not provide the necessary protection to keep a fire from spreading within the facility.
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Safety Services

Overhead Safety Presentation

Our industry experts are available to visit your facility for a presentation on overhead door safety. Learn more.


Broken industrial doors pose a serious safety risk to plant workers. Repairing doors must be a top priority.


On-going maintenance of overhead and pedestrian doors in your warehouse can reduce the risk of door accidents by replacing door parts before they fail. Learn more.

Door Security Solutions

Over $30 billion in cargo is stolen from loading docks each year. Not only is loading dock security a loss prevention issue, it is also a compliance issue.

Many plants are required to meet government regulations by the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) and the Free and Secure Trade Program (FAST). Ensuring that your warehouse doors are properly equipped to prevent theft and meet government guidelines requires a cohesive combination of industrial door products and services.

Security Products

Trak Line Fold Door

The TrakLine Fold Door from Rite-Hite features heavy bottom bars creating a substantial, tamper-resistant seal. The TrackLine also includes an iCOMM digital communications controller restricts potential thieves from operating the door. Learn more.

Door Weather Seals

The Gap-Sealr bottom door seal and the Wedg-It sectional door seal fill the gaps between doors and docks. These products work together to eliminate gaps that would otherwise leave the loading dock vulnerable to cargo thieves. Learn more.

Door Deputy

The Door Deputy provides an extra layer of overhead door security by automatically locking the loading dock door as it shuts.. Since the Door Deputy can be retro-fitted to existing doors, it provides additional loading dock security without a large investment. Learn more.

Security Solutions


Industrial doors that go unrepaired may leave your plant vulnerable to theft and at risk of violating government regulations. Your clients trust you with their products—you can trust Johnson Equipment to effectively and efficiently repair all major brands of loading dock and industrial doors.


Staying ahead of costly repairs and in regular compliance with the CTPAT and the FAST requires on-going door maintenance. Our technicians will personally monitor the security of your industrial doors and keep track the status of your equipment in our digital database. Learn more.

Door Energy Efficiency Solutions

As residents of the southern United States and Mexico, we understand how difficult it can be to cool your facility and maintain an energy efficient workplace.

For cold storage facilities energy efficiency is a top priority. Industrial and cold storage doors are often one of the leading culprits of in-plant energy loss. Improving energy efficiency at the loading dock requires employee education through training presentations, energy-efficient door products, and consistent repair and maintenance of existing doors.

Energy Efficiency Products

Iso-Tek High Speed Doors

The Iso-Tek cold storage door provides the industry’s best high-speed and high-cycle operation, a tight seal and superior insulated panels. All this advanced technology results in a door that lowers energy costs and increases productivity. Learn more.

FastTrax High Speed Door

The FastTrax high speed door boasts the highest operating speeds in the industry. This product can be adapted to interior, exterior, washdown, high wind, cooler or freezer applications, making it the ideal choice for lowering energy costs. Learn more.

Weather Seals

Small gaps at the loading dock between the door and dock leveler may seem like a minor concern. But these small gaps are a leading contributor to in-plant energy loss. The Gap-Sealr and Wedg-It products fill the gaps between the leveler, dock pit wall and bottom edge of the door. Learn more.

Energy Efficiency Services

Cold Storage Door Presentation

Our cold storage door presentation is designed to educate your dock workers on the current issues in the cold storage industry and how to effectively manage energy efficiency. Learn more.


When your cold storage doors aren’t operating properly, your business starts losing money quickly. Our repair specialists are on-call to address your emergency repair needs.


The best way to avoid emergency repair costs and maintain an energy efficient warehouse is through planned door maintenance. Our technicians will audit the energy efficiency of your facility on a regular basis. We will also update you on potential risks and energy saving options tailored to your needs. Learn more.