Loading Dock Seals

Loading dock door seals are responsible for insulating climate-controlled and cold storage facilities from the outside elements.

By compressing between the trailer and the loading dock bumper, the loading dock seal pads keep cool air in and harsh temperatures out. You can find these energy saving loading dock seals made from a variety of materials, with distinct levels of durability, and performance features. Some of the most common features include head pads or head curtains in a range of fabrics.

At Johnson Equipment, we understand that one size does not fit all—that’s why we offer a variety of loading dock seals to meet your needs and budget.

The Insulator II Series High Performance Seal

This high performance loading dock pad by Frommelt features an exclusive pleat-less, friction-resistant side pad and a new high performance header for greater durability and efficient sealing than the standard loading dock seal header.

The Insulator II is the ideal solution for high traffic loading docks, especially those with extreme conditions such as a declined approach or heavy usage by yard trucks.

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The TP Platinum Series High Performance Seal

Frommelt’s platinum series is built to last with durable components strategically positioned to ensure durability in high impact areas for an extended period of time.

Firefighter protection to prevent burning from trailer marker lights, a pivoting head pad to reduce friction, and a self-locking head curtain designed to reduce gaps at the top of the trailer between the container and the loading dock itself are all features of the TP Platinum Series.

If you’re looking for the perfect solutions for docks that receive high traffic volume from a variety of vehicles, Frommelt’s Platinum series is the perfect fit for your dock. This dock seal is ideal for situations where standard loading dock seals would break down, the platinum series stands up to the test by delivering a long-lasting, effective seal.

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The TP II Series Classic Design Seal

For the tightest possible seal, trust the TP II Series from Frommelt. The TP II features Rugged Armor pleats, a galvanized TechSteel backer and is available in custom-fit sizes to match the needs of your loading dock.

The TP II is the best solution for unique-sized loading dock spaces and warehouses in inclimate weather regions. If you’re paying too much money to keep your workplace climate controlled, a loading dock seal like the TP II may be just what you need.

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The FDS Series Standard Design Seal

The FDS Series loading dock seal manufactured by Frommelt is a high quality warehouse seal pad featuring beveled side pads for optimal insulation between trailer and loading dock, advanced head curtain design to minimize wear, and external breather openings to extend the life of the pads.

For business looking to save on heating and cooling costs, the FDS Series is the ideal loading dock sealant to improve loading dock energy efficiency and prevent dirt and insects from entering your facility.

L-Pad Perimeter Trailer Seal

Frommelt L-Pad Perimeter Trailer Seals are designed in an L shape,allowing them to press between the trailer and the loading dock without impeding forklifts from accessing the truck’s load. Featuring Firefighter protection, L-Pads use a custom-fit design and are backed by a 12-month money back guarantee.

The L-Pad Perimeter Trailer Seals are a perfect solution for situations where optimal insulation and the ability to quickly move products in and out of trailers is the top priority.

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