Smooth Transition Dok System

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Low back pain is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work – it’s the #2 reason Americans see the doctor, second only to colds and the flu.

Help prevent back injuries on your loading dock, decreasing costs and increasing productivity.

The Smooth Transition Dok System by Johnson Equipment, consisting of a Smooth Transition Leveler and theSTR-4100 Dok-Lok Vehicle Restraint, provides the smoothest path between your loading dock floor and the trailer.

The Smooth Transition Dok System addresses two critical issues at the loading dock that contribute to worker injuries and product and equipment damage: Dock Shock and Trailer Drop.

 Problem: Dock Shock and Whole-Body Vibration 

 Solution: Smooth Transition Dock Levelers

  • Constant-radius rear hinge design reduces the bumps and gaps.
  • Two-point crown control on the front lip hinge distributes the load evenly, smoothes out the transition between the leveler and the trailer bed, and extends the hinge life.
  • Smooth gets smoother – New, standard optimized lip chamfer improves smoothness from the trailer bed onto the leveler by approximately 20 percent. An extended lip chamfer is optional.
  • Johnson Equipment Smooth Transition leveler design reduces Dock Shock up to 76 percent!

Problem: Trailer Drop

Solution: STR-4100 Dok-Lok Vehicle Restraint

  • Stabilizes the trailer, using durable hydraulic cylinders to minimize trailer drop.
  • Provides a smooth transition onto truck.
  • Reduces jolts to forklift operators during loading/unloading, helping to prevent injuries.
  • Minimizes product and equipment damage.
  • Helps prevent trailer separation accidents, including:
  1. Unscheduled departure.
  2. Dock walk/trailer creep.
  3. Trailer tip over.
  4. Trailer pop up.
  5. Trailer upending.
  6. Landing gear collapse.